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"This is that human freedom, which all boast that they possess, and which consists solely in the fact, that men are conscious of their own desire, but are ignorant of the causes whereby that desire has been determined." -Baruch Spinoza

As if Facebook didn't own enough of the social media sphere they had to go and make an app called BARS. But I will admit, from an IT worker perspective, it is a slick app.

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So last year I was in a business competition for startups. One of the things I won was a 6 month desk rental. Obviously, covid thoroughly mucked everything up.

But I have the desk now! I still got a lot more equipment to set up and things to test/iron out, but I should start broadcasting later in the month. I’m going to be trying for 3 streams a week (M/W/F), and I think I may make one of those broadcasts a retro/single player gamer hour.

If I can’t make a serious go of this **** in these 6 months then I will probably hang my hat up and just call it a hobby. Wish me luck!

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Good luck!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP