Kim's Convenience


I am now two episodes into season 2 of this surprisingly funny sitcom that originally aired on a Canadian channel called CBC. This caustic comedy about a Korean family running a convenience store in downtown Toronto is unlike anything I've seen in quite awhile though there is some inspiration from classic television going on here. The father (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) and the mother (Jean Yoon) are sort of a contemporary Korean version of Archie and Edith Bunker. The father is a bigoted know-it-all but Mom is the real strength and wisdom of the family. They have a daughter named Janet (Andrea Bang) who is photography major in college, trying to exert her independence over her parents and banging her head against the wall trying to make sure dad knows that she has no desire to take over the store someday. They also have a son named Jung (Simu Liu) a hunky but empty headed stud with a questionable past who is estranged from his parents and is getting his life back on track working at a car rental agency where he and his boss, Shannon (Nicole Power) are seriously attracted to each other but fighting it with every fiber of their being. Jung has a wisecracking best friend (Andrew Phung) and there are a couple of store regular customers dropping by offering dad free unsolicited advice about his business and his family. I really thought I was going to hate this, but this show is really funny...fresh and smart, with some really edgy writing at times. If you're looking for something different...

I love that show. It's one of those shows in which the humor springs from the character's personalities and is based on a play that featured the same actors as Mr. and Mrs. Kim. I discovered it on Netflix and I'm hoping they will show its third season, which aired in Canada. A fourth season is being filmed.

I am now three episodes into season 4, which is a lot edgier than the first three thus far. And we'e finally getting some closure on stuff that was addressed in the first three seasons. Continuing to really enjoy this show.

The season 4 finale was superb and the season 5 opener had me on the floor...I can't believe how great this show is, wish more people knew about it.

Yes, you need to see this show. There is no real comparison. It is its own thing. Based off an equally amazing play.

Seriously, fantastic show.

If I had one small quibble with this show, it's Pastor Nina...really hate the character...she's too insensitive and self-absorbed to be a church pastor.

If I would compare it to something, I'd say that much like Brooklyn-99, one of the main strengths of the show is that they do a good job with multiple combinations of characters/actors. They are able to center episodes on different characters--and on their relationships with various other characters--and it all works.

For example, the relationship between the father and the mother. Or between the father and the son. Or between the father and one of his friends. And so on.

It also allows all of the characters--even the secondary ones--to be complex. Sometimes they are generous, sometimes they are selfish. So despite moments being almost cartoonish, there is always humanity at the center of the story.

Just finished ep 3 of season 5...I was a little concerned when they gave Mrs Kim MS because I was afraid they were going to write her off the show, which would be a HUGE mistake because Mrs Kim is the heart of this show and it wouldn't be the same without her. I loved the scene of her and Janet at the support group. I have noticed that the MS storyline seems to be bringing Janet and Mrs Kim closer, which is a really good thing. It's nice to see Janet thinking of someone besides herself. Also loving the evolution of the character of Kim Chi, who is starting to become the smartest character on the the way he's always two steps ahead of Shannon and never lets her get away with anything. God, I love this show.

Really enjoying the fifth and final season and am hoping some network will have the sense to pick this show up and continue production because it's a whole lot of fun.