Which is the best Home Theature For a bunglow


Hey Team I am very confused about which home theater is the best to buy in 2020 give me the suggestion

Donít think this really helps the poster, who is looking for personal input.
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Hey Team I am very confused about which home theater is the best to buy in 2020 give me the suggestion
Got any more parameters?

A decent sound bar with bluetooth woofer might be enough. If you're older and hearing is starting to fade, then the dialogue channel may not be isolated enough for your tastes. If that's the case, try to find something with a dedicated center channel speaker rather than a single sound bar. That way you can manually control the center channel speaker volume independently of all other stereo sounds. A sound bar more or less sets the volume of EVERYTHING together.

If you have a Best Buy local, they usually have systems set up that you can test the audio on. Read the reviews. I always start with the lowest review scores first. You'll see a lot of generic comments that mean nothing, but there will be a few who took their time to explain their grievances.

I got the LG SL6Y 3.1 sound bar maybe a year or so ago. It sounds well enough, but dialogue can be hard to decipher from the stereo left/right soundtrack and other audio. It does have a few settings to boost dialogue, but knowing what I know now I would rather have spent the extra money on a dedicated receiver and center channel speaker setup. This system has bluetooth, but I find that it skips a lot. I mean if I'm streaming Spotify from my mobile device, the audio will drop for a split second. I have my Playstation/DVD player connected directly to the sound bar so no drops there.

Depending on what features your TV has, you might be interested in Audio Return Channel (ARC) and passthrough 4k. Google either for a rundown. People have posted negative reviews on products assuming the device had one or the other and not bothering to read the specs before buying whatever.

All that said, I cannot recommend the LG SL6Y model. Looks like it's literally half the price from what I paid. Deservedly so.
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There are many brands that make home theater but personally, I always recommend Sony it's lil bit expensive than other brands but the sound quality of Sony is amazing, I recommend you to go with Sony.
did u look at the reviews cause it took me a long time to do some research bout good home theater