Atonement (2007) thoughts

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I watched this film a dew days ago, I would like to discuss some aspects of it.
1.The nonlinear narrative which is used wisely in this film, repeating the scene from a different point of view since, since the main plot is about a little girl seeing things differently psychically and mentally as a child.

Instead of repeating the scene from a different view, you could have just tilt the camera towards the window at the end of the scene and show the girl watching from the window.
It's not the most original technique, but it pits this film marvelously, and it opens the audience much more to the girl in an interesting manner (managing to escape the trivial fact that we all view things differently) and it builds suspense about what REALLY the child has seen (you cannot know since you are locked to the child point of view, but later you will know since you will witness the occurrence not from the peepers point of view).

2. The Film score and photography

I thought the film score was original, and the use of percussion instruments was interesting as well as using sounds from the film into the film score.
I still tho didn't form an firm opinion, please share yours and/or post articles.

The photography was powerful and staning, the camera close ups and movement, and to note the long shot as Dunkirk beach.
Again I still didn't form an firm opinion, please share yours and/or post articels.

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I haven't seen this movie for a good year, but I think I gave it a
. As far as the film score goes, the "typewriter effect" was way overused.
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I liked it...years ago...

While I generally enjoyed the movie, the ending really put me off. I felt that setting us up to believe this was a true story was exploitative. The old trick of giving us a false feeling of security with the kind ending and then taking it away in the "interview" seemed too easily. It is the kind of thing I would expect from, for example, Scrubs.