The 2020 Oscar Preview Podcast


For the ninth consecutive year, I'm joined by @Holden Pike and @mark f for our annual Oscar Preview podcast.

This year, topics include Parasite's breakthrough, the directors of Joker and Jojo Rabbit and their unlikely paths to academy recognition, and whether 1917 will dominate the ceremony and become one of just a few films in history to win Best Picture without any acting nominations.

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Well that's what I call a quick turnaround. You are the Lenscrafters of podcast editors, my friend.
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Yeah, not quite a record but way up there, and probably the fastest for one of the Oscar ones. I've learned over the years which things to avoid during the recording to help speed things up, and you guys were both very focused an on point, which helped a lot.

That intro is still da ****.
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Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Great job boss. Everybody seemed to say what they wanted. Maybe we should just do a live podcast, if anyone would listen live.
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Oh, and soon as we stopped recording yesterday I thought of another movie I liked a whole lot that got no awards attention. The Peanut Butter Falcon. Which is also the best title of the year.

Awesome podcast, just listened all the way through! Haha, I too needed a reminder on what the heck the difference between mixing and editing is, I get that mixed up a lot (no pun intended). I do think Joon-ho has a shot at directing rather than Mendes, but at least we know Phillips has no shot

Welcome to the human race...
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Thanks! Glad you liked it.

I specifically heard it pronounced that way once, in addition to the more obvious way. I thought it was weird but otherwise plausible. Guess Iíll try to find something authoritative so I can potentially correct this very serious error.

Bumping this for anyone who wants to make last-minute picks, or last-minute adjustments (you've got a few more hours).

Also wanted to note that, geez, this feels way more open than most years. A lot of the bigger categories feel decided, but aside from those there's a lot of places where "upsets" are plausible, or which are just flat-out close and could go either way. I expect a lot more variance than usual, even among the people who usually finish near the top of the picks pool.

Good listen, thanks guys. Good to put some voices to nicks, lol.

Is this just an annual thing, or periodically throughout the year also?

For Oscar specific stuff or just podcasts in general? If the latter, I think they've done stuff throughout the year too, here's the link to everything except the Oscar podcasts.
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Good listen, thanks guys. Good to put some voices to nicks, lol.

Is this just an annual thing, or periodically throughout the year also?
Oscar thing is annual, other ones are occasional, lots of hoops to jump through unfortunately. But I'm planning on doing another "normal" one in the next couple of months, ideally.

Main hurdle is just that editing them is so exhausting, and I'm not really willing to put yet another messy movie podcast where people just opine and ramble out there, since there's a limitless number of those already and they're horrendously padded and meandering. Everything on that Podcasts page is really tightly edited, so I guess I just need to get better at doing that quickly if I want these to happen more frequently.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I take Yoda browsing old Podcast posts as a sign it's coming back!!!

You heard it here first folks!!!!
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