Ned Stark Music Tournament


The tournament will be done quite different from all of the songs done like 10 battles per match up. Each 3 Days There will be 3 Songs Going Head to head. First round will have 20 battles and Round 2 Will Go down by half. There should be about 5 Rounds to decide a winner.

I gladly will take suggestions but and each person can nominate 7 Songs Each. But if dont get enough suggestions. I'll just pick a song to use. Please Suggest well known songs or singers or groups.

You Have 8 days to get your suggestions in. And Let me know who will be Voting.

Suggestions in or not I need about 70 songs since will have 3 songs per battle. Tournament will start a Week and 1 Day from now.

1 Heart------Stairway To Heaven

2 Bebe Rexha---Florida Georgia Line----Meant To Be

3 Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet---Its 5 OClock Somewhere.

4 Runaways-----Cherry Bomb

5 Guns and Roses------Sweet Child O' Mine

6 Corrs-------Breathless

7 ZZ Top-------LaGrange

In this one I dont care if your songs are lined or like above. When I post the battles there gonna be simple to click and listen to or view like the above selections. I know Zepplin did Stair Way to Heaven but I liked this adaptation as well.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
The Doobie Brothers - China Grove

Boston - Smokin

Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell

Eagles - Those Shoes

The Supremes - Love Child

Sam and Dave - Hold On I'm Coming

Aretha Franklin - Chain of Fools
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Im leaving the deadline open for more people to maybe donate songs 3 more days. Before ending the deadline time. So far there are 5 People doing the tournament. That in the 5 includes myself which likely is for tie breakers so i hope get one more player.

I am Allowing all the people who will be voting 5 More songs they can donate to the Tournament. There are 36 Songs currently and I need 76 songs total or its what number had in mind. And I dont want to pick them myself. So will leave the song selection deadline open Till Monday.

Here are my 5 Extra Songs

Working Mans Phd-------Aaron Tippin

Dude' Looks Like A Lady-----Aerosmith

Hungry Eyes-----Eric Carmen

Nothing Can Stop Us Now-----Starship

Crazy On You-----Heart

I dont mind using beethoven but would rather use vocal songs so if maybe do that with your bonus if please.
Sorry, are you saying I can use the Beethoven in the bonus or that you want me to change everything non-vocal to vocal?

I'll replace my two that were non-vocal from the first 7 for now:

The Beatles - In My Life (replacing the Beethoven)
The Beatles - Let it Be (replacing Finlandia)

I'll Keep Your Original Picks I'll just add some John Williams movie songs to give something for your stuff to compete against

Dont Worry If Select your Music Bonus Songs and we go over 76 Songs. I will figure it out and if need more I'll add more.