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I wanted to know what you all think of this show, some people I know just plain hate it, but most of my friends love it, and I have some friends who like it but dont like that they use Jesus jokes. Personally, I liked it when it first came on, but then it started getting less funnier and it seemed like all Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted to do is see how far they could go. Fortunately I started watching again and it now I like it alot more than I used to. Your thought on this program?

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Eh I always thought it was pretty average and not deserving of the acclaim it got. I liked how they turned the film into a musical though, that's always good hehe. Oh Yeah! And I remember how pissed n7of9 was when she found out that Kenny had been replaced by that other guy! lol
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Originally Posted by Revenge of Mr M
Oh Yeah! And I remember how pissed n7of9 was when she found out that Kenny had been replaced by that other guy! lol
Ahh yes I was really pissed when they did that, I just hated Stone and Parker for that so I decided to boycott the show until they brought kenny back, and they did bring him back the next season with no explaination but I was still glad they brought Kenny back.

I think South park is a funny show. My brother gave mme the first season on Dvd.

I think the show is hilarious and the movie is really funny too. i do know some people who get offended by the show but you just have to watch it and not take it seriously at all. its just there for fun and to make us laugh and it does that.
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I had the very same poster! South Park is some funny... funny... funny stuff. It's one of those shows where you can just kick back, relax and have a few laughs. I love all the characters... Mr. Garrison and his alter ego Mr. Hat are great. Towlie, Chip and rest, god bless you all.
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I've been watching this since the day it came on... and I have seen almost every, if not every episode.. I also have a Kenny shirt, a stan hat, A Kenny poster, and the cast poster.
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I thought the show was funny, that was until Trey & Matt stopped writing the shows directly; shame about that. But the early episodes are grade A television.
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Southpark is overall pretty funny, but they are constantly pushing the limits so people get offended. but I invented a saying for that "Funny is funny", you can't start laughing then stop and think that it might offend ppl. You just have to let go and laugh your head off at everything, trust me you'll end up heaps happier.

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Does anyone have a favorite episode?

I love the one where Stans sister is babysitting Cartman and invites her boyfriend over. The cat in heat is hilarious!!!

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Originally Posted by gummo
The cat in heat is hilarious!!!
yeah I remember that one, no favourites from me.

Did anybody catch the newest South Park? It was hilarious, and it's part 1 of 3. Their first trilogy.

It's called "Imaginationland" and it starts off with the boys looking for a leprechaun that Cartman claims he has seen, he was so confident that he saw it he bet Kyle. If Cartman coudln't prove it he would have to pay Kyle 10 dollars and if Cartman could, Kyle would have to suck his balls.(thats the title of the trilogy actually) I don't want to give anything away, but all i know is that its going to be epic and amazing and I can't wait for part 2 of the South Park: Kyle Sucks Cartman's Balls- The Trilogy

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The first part of the "Trilogy" was amazing. That was great gettign Butters stuck in imagination land and Cartman's obsession with getting Kyle to suck his balls, especially at the end of the episode with Cartman in the truck looking at the picture of Kyle.
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South Park is friggin hilarious!
Too many great episodes to name a favorite but the Buck Rogers one was pretty close, especially the opening sequence.

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i think south park's just getting better with age. sure there are some great old episodes but the show's evolving and showing no signs of becoming boring like the simpsons ended up doing.

Some of the early episodes were pretty funny. I liked the movie too.
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