Unanswered: Father and Child Counting Cars?


I'm not even positive this was in a movie (maybe TV?), but I remember a scene where a father and young child (I think daughter) are sitting on the side of the curb, "counting" cars by color as they pass (ie, "red one", "blue one"). It seems like the father used to do this with his father, who may have died tragically.

That's really all I've got. I think the feel of the movie was like a "Remember the Titans" or an "Angels in the Outfield"... a family film of some kind. Might be wrong on that, though, as I don't think the kid was a particularly major character.

Again, might not even be a movie, but if this jogs a memory, LMK.

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This sounds a bit like a scene in Up, except it was the kid and the old man, the kid used to count cars with his father who since left him and his mother.

yeah thats definitely Up
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Ah, that's it. Well done.