Burger King Horror Ads


Burger King Horror Ads

These new horror advertisements for Burger King feature GhostFace, Freddy, Jason and Chucky. They were made to promote that the drive thru at Burger King is open late and apparently all our favorite horror movie killers love Burger King!

Check them out below:

Source: Horror- Movies.ca

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It took me to the last picture to realize that they aren't photos.
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Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
It took me to the last picture to realize that they aren't photos.
I thought Chucky's face and the "lighting" gave it away in the first one, but you're right. Most people may not understand that, depending on the context.
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Already some scary stuff out there

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I love that Chucky has a happy meal (or whatever they call it at Burger King).

These pictures are odd though - and don't show the food well enough. What exactly is Ghostface doing? I barely noticed Jason's burger. They all just seem to be drinking out of Burger King cups - and the best idea about how to use those cups was done with Freddy.

What is that by the sink in Ghostface's picture? The object near the soap dispenser... I'm not even sure what's by his drink cup.

Very cool idea, shows that these characters have not really lost their appeal.
I think Ghostface spilled some sort of sauce on his robe, thats why hes in the mirror trying to clean it
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I think everyone should take on this idea of horror movies to seel thier products, I can imagine Freddy selling small children sweets, and Jason selling pensioners thier medical insurance. The system works!

If the Burger King was an actual bearded man and not this guy wearing a freaky fiberglass mask, I'd definitely go to watch him pole dance. Nothing wrong with that.

I always saw Burger King as more of a G rated family place, but I have to give them kudos. Pretty Cool.
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