RIP Corey Haim


When ever I hear/read his name, I always seem to picture him as he was in The Lost Boys... and I guess he turned out to really be one of those after all...

Rest in Peace...
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I am very sad to hear this as I am a fan of The Lost Boys.


Been waiting for this news for about 15 years and yet I was still suprised to see it for some reason. Corey Feldman must be devestated.

R.I.P. Corey.

I loved Corey in The Lost Boys, Lucas, and License to Drive.

Lucas in particular was a movie that takes me back to my childhood when I first watched it. He was awesome in that movie.

Another life cut short. Really tragic.

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Very sad news indeed I loved him in The Lost Boys.

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I love The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet, License to Drive, and Lucas. The only one I don't own yet is Lucas. I'm not sure if I've seen anything else of his, but I'll be looking into it.

I was unaware of his problem until just a few weeks ago. I'm happy to see that no one around here is making rude remarks about it. I hated seeing that other places on the net. It's a tragedy for his family and friends, and I feel for them. Especially his mother. I hope this doesn't weaken her own fight right now for life.


Even though the movie was kinda lame It woulda been nice to See Haim reprise his role in the Lost Boys sequel a few years ago before his death. Still very sad, R.I.P
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UPDATE: Corey Haim - MULTIPLE Drugs Found

Four pill bottles were found in Corey Haims mothers apartment where he collapsed and died yesterday. According to TMZ, the drugs included hydrocodone (Vicodin), diazepam (Valium), haloperidol (an antipsychotic med) and Soma (a muscle relaxer). One well known doctor prescribed all of the meds just a few days before Corey Haim died.

The L.A. County Coroners Office did not specify how many pills had been taken or any further details.

Source: Back Seat Cuddler

Coroner: Haim Died of Pneumonia, Bad Heart

Corey Haim died of a bad heart and complications from pneumonia, and a drug test showed no "significant contributing factors," according to the Los Angeles County Coroner.

Lung damage, pneumonia and a hardening of the heart (plaque buildup in the blood vessels) caused the actor's death, the coroner said.

Haim, 38, collapsed March 10 at his mother's Los Angeles apartment. He'd been battling flu-like symptoms for days.

Investigators indicated that an overdose was possible, and Haim's history of drug and alcohol abuse fueled rampant speculation that he had OD'd. State investigators subsequently announced that Haim illegally obtained more than 500 pills in the weeks before he died, and an arrest was made in a prescription drug ring tied to Haim.

Source: The Wrap