MacGruber Movie Trailer - I'm Sorry!

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90% of you will hate this trailer, but for the 2% that don't.... here you go.

Looks like it has some funny parts...

Its been a long time since an SNL character has gotten his own movie, too bad this doesn't look too funny
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I just stumbled across this on another website and it does look like a very funny movie. I have never heard of this charactor before but from the trailer and the clips ive seen it looks like a cool watch.

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As I said I have never seen anything on this charactor before but I have to say this does indeed look like a good laugh. Ill have to check out some of these skits on youtube later.

You definitely should. Should be a good movie to go see.

There aren't too many films based on Saturday Night Live sketches that I've liked. Office Space and The Blues Brothers were pretty good. Superstar is by far my favorite, it's so funny. But I've never been a fan of the MacGruber sketches.

I cant see how a critic is comparing this to Beverly Hills Cop saying this is the "funniest action comedy since Beverly Hills Cop" or even another critic is saying this is "the best SNL film since Wayne's World" . That's preposterous .

Agreed. Comparing the movie to Beverly Hills Cop and Wayne's World is a bit ludicrous. I feel it's a must see, though just because it is MacGruber, ha.

This is my preview of "MacGruber" BEFORE actually seeing the movie. Check back for my review AFTER seeing it as well!!

These "Saturday Night Live" movies are either instant classics or "A Night at the Roxbury". How many of these adaptations actually made anyone laugh? I can't think of any besides "The Blues Brothers" and "Wayne's World", can you? God, what do you make of a movie based on a 30 second skit that uses just one joke over and over and over and over? It never works. But the average American's attention span is about a half minute so this is a comedy your typical, run of the mill, slack-jawed yokel can relate to.

The short SNL "MacGruber" sketches are basically a take off on the late 80's TV show "MacGyver". MacGruber is always in a situation to diffuse a bomb, but because he's an idiot, he is never able to save the day before the bomb goes off. Somehow this is usually funny on SNL even though we know the punch line every time. This should be an easy one to catch quickly at the theater. How long could this movie be? Four minutes tops?

They are attempting to stretch 30 seconds into 99 minutes. This is about the same as watching 99 minutes of "The Wendy Williams Show" without stabbing yourself in both eyes. Oh it can be done, but they're really pushing their luck here. I just hope the movie ends just like the skit always ends. Ideally a nuclear bomb will go off in MacGruber's face. Then the MacGruber title flies onto the screen and the movie ends. No credits, just the realization that America is f**ked. Hey, you would be this jaded too if you had been subjected to all the fairy tale endings that I have recently, so back off. ("Just Wright", "Letters to Juliet")

So how can they make this work? All we know about MacGruber is that he is a complete dipsh*t. In one trailer they explain that there is a stolen nuclear warhead and the U.S. government decides the only person capable of retrieving it is......f**kin' MacGruber? This plot has god damn goofy slapstick written all over it which is complete baloney. I don't stand for baloney. A guy who can't even tie his own shoes is the only hope to stop nuclear winter in America? Take it easy Moviecapper, it's a comedy. It's not supposed to be logical. Pull yourself together.

I think the only way this concept will be truly funny is if the MacGruber character is just like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In other words, he appears to be a raving lunatic on the outside, but he's actually fairly intelligent and clever when it comes to solving the crime at hand. However, the last time I checked, Will Forte is no Jim Carrey. Can Will Forte strut around like an a**hole for over an hour and a half like Jim Carrey did and still make us laugh? Do we want him to?

One thing they make a point of mentioning in one of the trailers is that MacGruber doesn't use guns. He only uses bombs he creates from household materials. What's wrong with picking up a gun and blowing someone's head off? Especially if that person has a nuclear weapon he wants to shove up your ass. If you have MacGruber's job, saying you won't use guns is like saying you won't have sex before you're married because it's a sin. But then you get into a ballerina outfit and molest a bunch of goats. What's the god damn difference? If he's willing to blow people up with bombs, why can't he use a gun like the average high school student?

Val Kilmer plays the bad guy. He clearly has the same dietician as Kirstie Alley. Not lookin' so good Val. Did he eat the entire house full of popcorn from the end of "Real Genius"? He's got a pony tail in this movie and is dangerously close to becoming the Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons".

As you can tell, I really don't trust SNL movies and I wasn't really expecting much out of this. Everything I have talked about thus far was my 1st impression based on one trailer. But then I saw a 2nd trailer for "MacGruber" that sold me and I'm doing a total flip-flop mid-PRE-VIEW. There are a bunch of critics' quotes that describe the movie as "Vulgar", "Dirty", "Edgy", "Crude", "Raunchy" and "Juvenile". They had me at "Vulgar". They obviously take this concept far beyond what we're used to seeing on SNL. I did laugh while watching the trailers and that was at the tame sh*t. Plus Kristen Wiig has a knack for stealing the show every time she pops up in a movie.

My prediction: 4 stars (out of 5)

Based solely on a screen shot of six adjectives describing the movie as filthy, I have changed my mind right at the betting window and have decided this will be good.

This is my review of "MacGruber" AFTER actually seeing the movie.

Is it possible to make a movie out of household materials? Yes, apparently it is. They took a short 30 second sketch from Saturday Night Live and were able to piece together an extremely funny movie using vulgarity, bad hair, light rock music, dick and fart jokes and a piece of celery. This was hilarious from beginning to end and is easily the best SNL comedy since "Wayne's World".

So why is this better than most SNL movies? They do not try to jam the main punch line of the skit down our throats. Instead they have MacGruber spend quite a bit of time ripping out throats. Who knew that was his thing? He seems more like a fun-loving, "kick you in the balls" type of jokester.

"A Night at the Roxbury" comes to mind immediately when I think of terrible SNL movies. Every attempt at humor in that movie was just the two a**holes exaggerating the characters they've already beaten into our skulls repeatedly on the TV show. Not the case here. They don't really touch the premise of the MacGruber SNL skit until the end. When they do it works well because it's familiar, just like that tattered old pair of underwear I won't throw away.

They establish right away that MacGruber is "the best". He's an ex-green beret for god's sake. This lends a little credibility to the whole idea that the U.S. government would put the safety of its citizens in the hands of a guy who seemingly gets out of a jam as well as Jack Tripper from "Three's Company".

I thought this would only really be good if it had an "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" vibe to it. It actually does. MacGruber's actions reminded me of William Hung auditioning for "American Idol". At first, everything he does appears to be a terrible idea. But somehow it all turns out amazingly well for him in the end. This was basically why "Ace Ventura" worked so well also. MacGruber is unacceptably cocky the entire movie just like Ace Ventura. Will Forte really pulls this off. I'm not going on record as saying he's the next Jim Carrey, but he ain't the next Urkel either.

One reason this was a great comedy was that the screenwiters (Will Forte is one of them, by the way) really went out of their way to make some of the most minute details funny. For example, Val Kilmer's character is named "C*nth". Really subtle humor is everywhere, so there is never a sense that they are trying too hard to get laughs. Literally everything MacGruber says, does, listens to or has sex with is intended to be comical. Even when he kills someone, it makes you laugh. It was refreshing to see people die in whimsical fashion for a change.

They kept the laughs going literally until the very last second and continued it into the beginning of the credits "Hangover" style. They show a string of photos from a wedding reception that aren't quite as outrageous as the pictures at the end of "The Hangover", but it's still pretty good.

It's good to finally see them get one of these Saturday Night Live movies right. Most people seem to think this will suck because there have been so many SNL movie failures. Listen to The Moviecapper here. Grab your most childish friends, have a few beers or indulge in your favorite hardcore drug beforehand and go see "MacGruber". You won't be disappointed.

My conclusion: 5 stars (out of 5)

MacGruber has his pants down or off several times and somehow I didn't mind. Hmm. I wonder if that means I'm......Nah, I'm not gonna analyze it.

I hear some good things about it. Plus good silly fun can not be too much bad

I am looking forward to this one! Thanks for sharing!
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