day of the dead

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What a silly movie. Watched this last night, expecting it to be good. Was a complete disappointment. Ving Rhames stars a a chief soldier in this film that,s about it.Its basically about an infection that transforms everyone in a hospital into a zombie. The acting is terrible, with lines like "take care, make sure you dont get eaten" which is supposed to be a serious part of the film.. I give this movie 0/10!

Well that's what you get for watching a friggin remake of Romero's superb "Day of Dead".

You chose this morsel, so take the taste and choke it down!

Well i suppose your right, however The way they advertised the movie, it was like it was supposed to be a classic!!! I fell for it and now I have paid the price lol!

thats how they trick it ya, the original (which I personally don't find that great) is way more a classic than this bland remake which was made to cash in on the success of Zach Synder's Dawn of the Dead remake
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not very impressive...

in the begining there's some canisters of some stuff from Vietnam and one of them opens and starts to bring things to life? I remember a bunch of dudes in a morgue or bunker or something. Also I seem to remember a bi-sected dog, like the kind you might see in a lab, come to life.

...An ok movie in my opinion. Gotta see Zombieland though!

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I turned it off when a zombie was climbing along the ceiling.
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