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Really looking forward to Sunday's Lions / Chargers game. Our first meaningful November game in over six years!
Well, well, well...

They kept cutting away to reaction shots of Giants DC Wink Martindale every time the Cowboys scored. Needless to say there were quite a few of them. But the guy had the same eyes-glazed-over, dyspeptic look each and every time. Not much room for sideline improv when you're getting your ass handed to you by the same team for the second time this season. At least they didn't get skunked this time.

I heard with the elimination of preseason games, most teams aren't getting enough tuneup reps going into the regular season so it carries over into the first part of the season. Take that anyway you like, I feel like with more regular season games and just the top team in each conference getting a bye (which is something I like), teams are going to pick their spots more often.

It's just really chaotic. The injury designation system is kind of a joke, they quasi-enforce it just enough (we all know it's really about gambling), but it's so easy to game without technically doing anything in violation of the rules, really. People get QST tags for what's just basically work/rest maintenance.

I was four years old the last time the Lions were 8-2 (1962). Good God did Chicago collapse mentally. Piss away a 12 point lead in the final three minutes is unexcusable. They beat us for three quarters.

My team is the Ravens and if they hadnt choked against the Steelers/Browns, theyd be 10-1 right now.
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Lost $100 on that Chiefs/Eagles game. Somebody cry with me.

On a likewise sad note, my Bucs are 4-6. May be time to think about replacing Todd Bowles. I love the guy but we can't run the ball for sh*t or defend the pass worth a damn.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all and will be attending tomorrow's blowout win over the Pack ! I shall enjoy.

I was rooting for the Lions too.