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What's arguably the strangest movie ever made, lost, destroyed and then resurrected multiple times? It's the 1922 version of Nosferatu, the first ever vampire movie, made in Weimar Germany, Directed by F W Murnau. It was the first vampire movie, and the widow of Bram Stoker, the guy who wrote the book Dracula, sued, claiming plagiarism, notably that she (executor of Stoker's estate) owned the very concept of a vampire. She won and the movie was outright destroyed, or so she thought.

Over the decades, film fans have managed to accumulate pieces of film, do restoration, and now, it's claimed that the entire movie is back again. Partial versions have been released before. In one memorable show, my partner and I saw that version of the silent movie, accompanied by a chamber group doing original music written for the movie. This one, a Kino disk, has the movie with original orchestral music. The video is quite good and the whole setting, 1922 Germany, looks downright other-worldly. Everything about this movie is strange, anachronistic, and surreal. It's one of my all time favorite horror movies

The movie was remade with Klaus Kinski as the blood sucker (pretty good as I recall), back in 1979 and, I see that another remake will be out soon, directed by Robert Eggers, the guy who brought us the excellent The Witch, The Northman and The Lighthouse. Eggers is the guy to do a remake. I'm enjoying the old one now, waiting for the 2024 release.

Smart move by Netflix to have it in theaters for 14 days & then stream it. Looking forward to this one.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

Saw that one way back on late night TV. That whole Kay Kyser and the Kollege of Musical Knowledge thing, a band leader dancing around in academic garb is a period piece, but what period? It wasn't when the movie was made. Near as I know, Kyser was unique. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition was a big hit in it's day, as was this one.

Couple of great monster movies, @Mesmerized!

Saw them both when they came out. "Creature" was in 3D but we only saw it in the flat version. The first one was real scary, but the two sequels strayed a bit. Also in 1954 were Them! and Godzilla.

When watching The Blob, I remember believing that nothing could stop it. What a relief when Steve McQueen discovered how...