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It's top 10 material.

Okay, maybe not. A rewatch is probably needed for further commenting. I never liked Guy Richie anyways, but as I recall, Snatch was quite the catch - or at least the best use of his Richism.
I'm planning on giving Lock, Stock a re-watch as well as I always kind of preferred it to Snatch, which has always felt overrated even when I was the one overrating it. Honestly, I think I'm still overrating it.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Snatch -

I remember when I used to think that this was top 50 material. Those were the days.
Were they the days when you'd only seen 50 films?

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“Sugar is the most important thing in my life…”

we all had dysentery during filming

Nostalgia is always better than the real thing. I still love this movie and yes it holds it's #1 action/macho/blowninup$#!+ mantle, but I would be lying if I said it was perfect.

I am planning on viewing and reviewing my top 5 and planning a full write-up this weekend.

The last movie I saw was (I just realized words "saw" and "was" mirror each other) Now You See Me. My review? A horrible, horrible, horrible film. In a way, it represented everything I hate about the movie industry today. It was overly flashy and with no depth. I know, these heist movies usually don't require that much depth by definition, but still - possibly the worst recent movie experience I've had. And above all, it has over 7 rating on IMDB somehow.

"Aloft" with Jennifer Connelly and Cillian Murphy. It was a good poetic drama. The Canadian landscapes are awsome and the whole "artistic healer" concept was intriguing. I think its ok but only if you like dramas.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The non-stop singing was not always easy for me, but the director pulled it off well. The story was not the happy-sappy usual musical monotonous mess and despite being a little light at the beginning it slowly got more serious and dramatic as it went along, which was a change I really enjoyed. The movie looked good as well; very vibrant production design and cinematography as well as beautiful fluent camera work. Overall a good time.

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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014)

Below average comedy for me. I really enjoyed the scene with James Earl Jones and that's pretty much it.

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens
(2016) -

They really jumped the shark with this one.

I actually enjoyed Sharknado 2, and thought the third one was pretty entertaining, yet this movie was just way too much. It's even less coherent than before, and the special effects are so bad (even for this series) that they occasionally wander into Food Fight territory. I do appreciate that Ian Ziering is still playing his character completely straight, but the whole thing is just an unpleasant mess.

Warning: If you plan to play a drinking game with this movie, and even just take a small sip any time they reference or straight up quote another movie, you will be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning within 20 minutes.

The Lower Depths (1957)

I don't know if it's possible for the Kurosawa/Mifune combo to make a bad film, but I would rank this at the bottom of what I've seen. I really got sick of it's slum setting.

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The Lower Depths (1957)

I don't know if it's possible for the Kurosawa/Mifune combo to make a bad film, but I would rank this at the bottom of what I've seen. I really got sick of it's slum setting.
I thought it was pretty good until the last 30-45 minutes, drunken mess!

"I smell sex and candy here" - Marcy Playground
Two Men in Town (2014)

Slightly better than some of the other crap I've seen Keitel in lately. Acting is excellent all around. Good cast. Story was not as appealing as I'd hoped. Decent ending. My kind of movie, filled with a lot of manly emotion.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

*sigh* As you all can tell from my favorites list, I was really looking forward to this movie (or was hoping it was going to be good after the bad word of mouth got out pretty early) but it was sadly everything I was afraid it was gonna be. Now it wasn't a complete pile of ****, there is some good stuff ("They like to get the landmarks" lol). The first ID isn't universally loved by any means either but it was still an entertaining movie and I loved it and so did many other people. This movie tries to capture the magic and nostalgia of the first movie, but in all the wrong ways, its way too cheesy for its own good, even cheesier than the first movie which is a cheesefest as well but was the good type of cheese if that makes sense. First off, this movie had way too many side stories (more than the first movie) and I didn't give a damn about any of them. Granted most of the side stories from the first movie I didn't care for either, aside from Russell Casse's who also is nodded to at the beginning of this movie which I really appreciated.

WARNING: "spoilers, sort of" spoilers below
They also tried to recapture the Casse moment at the end of this movie, and it just didn't work.
I felt no emotional connection with ANY of the characters (aside from Jeff Goldblum's David but that is just because I care about Goldblum in everything he is in because he is Jeff ****ing Goldblum, a god among men). Half the returning cast mailed in their performances so hard (especially Bill Pullman, he gives a few speeches but none of them come close to his speech from the first movie, and they were kind of cringeworthy) This movie also had a huge hole in it, and its name is WILL SMITH. Liam Hemsworth was obviously suppose to be the Will Smith replacement seeing as he had many lines that reminded me of Smith's character from the first movie, but Liam Hemsworth just doesn't have the charm, wit, or personality to fill that role in my opinion and most of his stuff fell flat and lifeless to me, and don't even get me started on his sidekick who was annoying as hell, and there are plenty of other annoying and unneeded characters in this movie (coughnicolascoughwright). Too many to mention them all. One I did like was Deobia Oparei's character though. All the sci-fi aspects of the movie I did like a lot actually and the African Warlords battling aliens leftover from the war of 1996 was actually an interesting premise they didn't go too into detail with, but his character I found fascinating. There were a couple of other things the movie sort of scratched the surface of that they could of delved way deeper into to get actual good character moments.
WARNING: "character backgrounds, spoilers" spoilers below
The fact that there are so many orphans now because literally billions of people's parents were wiped out in seconds during the attack of 1996, Liam Hemsworth's character being one of them and his friend also being an orphan because of the attack as well, this is probably why they bonded and became good friend, it was stuff like this that could of kept my attention but alas they address this in just one scene then they trade this out for some ****** side story of his sidekick getting the hots for this female Asian fighter pilot who's name I didn't care to remember *snooze*

There was one character that I surprisingly got a lot of laughs out of being brought back, even though I was sure he was dead in the first movie. I'm obviously referring to Okun here and its no spoiler that he is back in this movie as he is in the trailer, one of the best lines in the movie that was generally a funny line to me was Okun's first line spoken if you've seen the movie you know what i'm talking about. This movies first 30 minutes or so is actually not bad because it is mostly setting up what life is like now in the post alien invasion world and it was actually looking interesting (there are a few of the character moments which I found to be dull and uninteresting though) it's just the last half where everything goes bad pretty fast,
WARNING: "spoilers" spoilers below
also I get that Smith's character still being alive but not being involved in the events of this movie would make no sense, but it still pains me that they just killed off his character. They could of easily come up with another reason for him not to be there.

This movie had so much potential but it fell flat in many different ways, it is nowhere near as good as ID1, but they also set this up for a sequel, with what they've set up I'd be interested to see where it goes but I wouldn't be surprised if a sequel to this isn't happening, and nor would I be sad if it didn't get one either.

Best of Enemies -

Solid documentary. I wasn't familiar with the Vidal-Buckley debates so it was interesting seeing how it unfolded. I don't think this was amazing or anything but i'd recommend it to anyone who like me isn't familiar with the subject matter and think it sounds interesting.

Ali: Fear Eats The Soul -

This was my first Fassbinder film. I had no idea what it was about and probably wouldn't have watched it if it wasn't for the movie tournament, glad i did. I liked this a lot, my favourite thing was probably the script. It was just full of simple interactions between the characters while examining larger social issues. I also enjoyed how Ali talked in broken German, it gave this a real authentic feel. There is something so heartwarming about Ali's relationship with the lonely Emmi, their kindness towards each other in particular. Even in the small things like him walking her home at the start to make sure she is ok. The racism and just pure ignorance isn't the nicest thing to watch but it serves a purpose so it feels necessary. It was so sad seeing Emmi's turn, her developing these attitudes herself but the ending was great with their reconciliation and her seeing Ali through his health problems. Very good film thats rating could go up in the future.

I also enjoyed how Ali talked in broken German, it gave this a real authentic feel.
I like that the original title of that film (Angst essen Seele auf) is also in broken/incorrect German.