The MoFo Top 100 of the 1970s: Countdown

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F*** it!!!! I'm not here often enough to change it
Yippy, my favorite movie. Halloween made the list. Number 17 is damn good, too.

I will compare my list with this one sometime soon. Not that anyone cares, but I want to anyway. Great work, Holden.

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Winter Calls Thy Name
Finally caught the Podcast. Well done.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Finally got round to watching The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970). I think it would probably have made my list, had I seen it in time.

Oh, the 1970s..., decade that accomplished so much for liberated wankers of nowadays, yet in retrospect it seems the most self absorbed decade of all. So much so, that all the wanking accomplishments came as haphazard side effect of it's self important idealism rather than as fruits of sustained and disciplined efforts. None the less, it is the legacy Bill Clinton should rightfully attribute inspiration for his most treasured accomplishments. And I wager to guess, our world would not have Nicki Minaj masterpiece "Anaconda", without it.

We need to get someone to rep the first post in this thread, so that the post introducing the 1970s list hits exactly +70 rep. Do it!

We need to get someone to rep the first post in this thread, so that the post introducing the 1970s list hits exactly +70 rep. Do it!
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Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
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There should be a way to view the most repped posts on the forum
There use to be a rep page attached to your user account. You could see a lot of stats and what not.
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Enter The Dragon - fantastic ! deserves to be so high, if not higher. Bruce Lee introduced me to martial arts films as he did most people of that era . We didn't have the access to Asian films back then like we do now, and I was entranced. I didn't have Enter the Dragon on my list but I had Fist of Fury at my 8 and Way of the Dragon at no.24 as they were the very first martial arts films I ever saw . They were on a double bill in 1974. I saw them on a date with a pimply youth who didn't last the course, but Bruce Lee did and he sparked the interest in Asian films which has lasted all these years.

I agree. Dragon is a typical hollywood product with all the fancy stuff. It's my least fave, but still nice. The best part is humor, but the fights are amrtial arts - wise the worst. They just had to make a block buster.

Bringin th egirls.

- For me? You shouldn't have. But as you did, I'll take you, you,you , youn, you , you and you. It's been a long day.

Chinese connection (Fist of fury) is the darkest and most angry and probably has the best fights especially against Bob. My fave is Th ebig Boss which is thought his worst!

Of course they were. What other decades can touch either of those?
It's the 60s for me. Overall, musically and even film-wise. Hell, I know you'll hate this, but even if they made only 2001, or even that and a bazillion Star warses, it'd still be. Let's face it. The 60s are the decade of all the decades. But film-wise Rules would say 40s? And Raul 50s? Film-wise 70s really are objectively probably the best. Or 40s. To narrow it down, my absolute fave period is late 60s. The Graduate - 1970.

Looking at the decades in my current top250..

10's x 40
00's x 53
90's x 56
80's x 35
70's x 25
60's x 21
50's x 15
40's x 5

There are a lot of great 70's titles in the near miss list on the first page!
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