From now on I have my own review thread. My name is mattiasflgrtll6!

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@cat_sidhe I hope you still read my stuff.

@lenslady Seen this sci-fi chiller?

Hi Mattias,

Yes I did see this pic, though it was many years ago. I think you hit a lot of 'right notes ' in your review, as the term ' Stepford Wife' soon became a catch phrase for many who supported the woman's movement. And I'd say you are correct to note that the movie was ahead of its time. It concerned not just women's issues, but addressed the pressure for people of a certain place and time to conform unilaterally: and become soulless standard suburban issues, supposedly representing the middle class American Dream, but really trading in their unique individualism for a vacuous mask.

Good review, Mattias and I' m glad you found this 'thoughtful ' sci fi film still meaningful.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Don't let these flaws deter you from giving Paranormal Activity a chance. Although they prevented it from being a truly good movie, it's still a decent one. It gives the uneasy sense of dread I'm looking for in a horror piece, and the way it concludes is very shocking, yet natural. It won't leave me sleepless in Seattle, but it could be time to set up a video recorder or two.
Well, it left me sleepless in Asheville once. It definitely got in my head, though not being able to sleep because I ate a ton of junk food watching it may not have helped.

But yeah, very Blair Witchy in the kinds of reactions and moods it produced in me. Definitely got under my skin for a few days.