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Sherlock Jr tells the story of a poor projectionist who while courting a young lady ends up thrown on his butt after he gets framed for a theft. While down on his luck he falls into a fantasy world where he's the worlds greatest detective and we get a series of humorous stunts with the cast playing duel roles.

Yeah I loved this one, all of Keaton's physical comedy is on display and it works so well. Their is this great shot where he helps the girl out of the window by lying on all fours, then he jumps in the car to speed away and the girl falls backwards...that is classic comedy.

And while some parts feel dated and perhaps racist "local sheik" feels a bit problematic 100 years later I did enjoy the twist of the Girl being the proper detective and figuring out the crime. It's the little things in this one that made me enjoy.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

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The Kid

"A picture with a smile--and perhaps, a tear" is a brilliant and suitable tagline. The movie wasn't brilliant for me but I at least thought it had some brilliance. I've liked everything I've seen so far from Chaplin and this was no exception. Not as consistently funny as I expected, but there certainly are plenty of laughs. That is of course by design as the movie contains heavy elements. I thought the balance worked really well, but I felt like there was some unnecessary mean-spiritedness that rubbed me the wrong way. Not enough to soil the entire experience, but definitely enough for me to take notice. I was yearning for more of the sweetness of Modern Times, my favorite Chaplin to this point. I did not care for the dreamland sequence either. Every other part of the movie I thought of as high level. Chaplin is a terrific entertainer but that kid was phenomenal and at least his equal. Their relationship was the best part of the film. The supporting cast was good. I read a small bit about Chaplin and damn; from the tragedies to the romances with little girls, he had one messed up life.


Lucky Star

Not a fan of this one. I think it could only really hold up well under the lens of historical analysis, since it is a silent film partially about World War I. Other than that, I think the characters were mostly unlikable, whether it is the clueless farm girl or the condescending "well-mannered" Tim. The story gets somewhat interesting at the end, but the first half or so is basically just Tim showing Mary how to have good manners... I may have dozed off a couple times. To me, nothing really stands out in this movie.