Decent Movies "Hurt" by Long Run Times


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Yes, been toying with this idea as it comes up quite often. There ought to be a list.

One that comes to mind since it was recently discussed was Devil's Advocate (1997) which was a good movie, but could have been a great movie if it didn't have a run time of 2 hr. 24 min. Shave about a half hour off this movie and it would have been so much better.

Another was King Kong (2005) - this remake was very loyal to the original & was pretty good, but WAY TOO LONG at a whopping 3 hr. 7 min.!!! The movie took a painfully long time with exposition and covering backstories of characters who were killed off by the middle of the film. (Why?) Exceptional special effects that were butt hurt by people's butts literally hurting from sitting over 3 hours (and well over an hour before you even saw any giant gorillas or dinosaurs!)

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Totally agree about King Kong, though I was not as bothered by the running time as I was by the fact that Kong didn't appear until NINETY minutes into the movie.

On the same subject, two directors whose films have always been hurt by overlength:

Spike Lee

Taylor Hackford

Can't agree with Devil's Advocate, I feel the movie it's perfect the way it is!

I think THE HOBBIT trilogy was hurtet by its long duration, sometimes it fells like they just want to match its length with TLotR.

I agree with Spike Lee.
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The first hour of King Kong was the best, IMO. I'd like to seen that expanded to 2 hours, and then not be about King Kong. Don't get me wrong King Kong is a great story, but the original is all I need.

I haven't seen it yet, but I've been told that Avengers: Endgame is way too long, and the story is dragged out, and it could have been told in about half the time.
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