The Blue Door feature film


"In a competitive situation, Amblin Partners has picked up the hot horror short The Blue Door, made by U.K. filmmaker Paul Taylor.

Megan Pugh and Ben Clark, who wrote and produced the short, will write the feature script, with Taylor on board to direct the big-screen take.

The Picture Company partners Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona will produce the project.

The short, which was nominated for a BAFTA earlier this year, revolves around a nurse assigned to an elderly woman living in a dilapidated home. The nurse unwittingly becomes the focus of a dark entity that is connected to a secret blue door that, once opened, has devastating consequences.

The feature version is described as having a strong dramatic core combined with a high-concept horror mythology.

Good Fear Film + Managment's Jake Wagner and Scott Stoops, who rep the trio, will serve as executive producers. Van Toffler and Floris Bauer of Gunpowder & Sky, whose Alter label premiered the short film online, will also executive produce. Pugh and Clark will co-produce."

Short film:

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