the nothing thread


i was just wondering who would get curious enough the check out this thread when it had such a title... and rep to you all, should you actually post here, in the thread about nothing

yeah cheese is awesome
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- Alfred Hitchcock

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i dont like plain cheese....
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"Snozberries taste like snozberries"

Originally Posted by HellboyUnleashed
i dont like plain cheese....

I wipe my ass with your feelings
my nose=leaking

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Let's change this to the RED SOX thread.....

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!
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^ I don't like football.

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I hope nobody is dissing cheese cause it's great in sandwiches, with crackers or even melted on toast mmmmm yummy.

I read abou this cheese that is aged for like 40 years and it has maggots in it, and as the maggots eat through the cheese they secrete this poison that gets into the cheese. Its an illegal cheese all over the world, but rich people think its a delicacy, and pay like 50,000 for a slice. EEw......thats some cheese for ya.