Next countdown vote (May '24)


What should our next countdown be?
28 votes
24 votes
Decade Refresh (likely 90s)
9 votes
15 votes
13 votes
Other (write-in/specify in thread)
55 votes. You may not vote on this poll

Have at it!

REMINDER: you can choose more than one. Please choose all the ones you would definitely participate in. If you would participate in all of them, then you can vote just for your preferred ones so you can still influence the vote.

I voted for Romance, Sports, and Other. Still hoping for Animation Refresh even though I know it's a long shot. I have no enthusiasm for Musicals or 90s and may not vote in a Musicals countdown, depending on the specific voting parameters.

ETA - I would definitely still vote in a 90s countdown if we do that, but it'll pretty much just be me resubmitting the same ballot as I did before.

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Voted Sports. I would also be willing to host that or a 90’s refresh if no one else is interested. I will vote for musicals but leave that to someone more passionate about the genre. I will also vote for romance but definitely not excited at all for that when it arrives.

Other (write-in/specify in thread) Films not on previous lists.
When I thought about it some more, it's the best way to find each others 'hidden gems' plus everybody can nominate whatever genre they like; sports, musicals, animated, 90's etc.. kind of a win/win option.

Voted ABM aka Anything But Musicals. For the greater good.
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Voted for 90's, Sports and Others (Films not on previous lists.) not a bad idea actually
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Other (write-in/specify in thread) Films not on previous lists.
I voted for Other meaning Films not on previous lists.
Others (Films not on previous lists.)


[ uhth-er ]


Films not on previous lists


[ uhth-er ]


Films not on previous lists
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I voted for musicals and films not on previous lists. I'd be especially interested to see what the top picks for the latter category would be.

I feel Not on Previous Lists is still a handful of countdowns away before we should do it.
Yes, as I have said before, until you really exhaust the genre lists as completely as we want, the Not On Previous Lists idea is premature. If we had done it last time, as so many wanted, all of those new Noir and Neo-Noir titles that hadn't placed in previous decade lists could have been cluttering up that list. Musicals should have their own path before they are relegated to a Not On Previous Lists campaign.

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And given the demographics of the site, the love for that time period, and the number of selections from the MoFo Top 100 Comedies list from that particular decade, I still believe we could have a lot of fun with a Top 100 Comedies of the 1980s List. That would be my write-in nomination.