What are some movies that span over lots of years?


I have watched Boyhood, The Best of Youth etc.

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Di je Karlo?
Try Siberiade (1977), which follows a siberian village from the 1900s to the 1980s. It's a bit long but it's the best movie about the sweep of history that I've seen.

300 (2006) ..... Love it.

The Curious Case of ... That One Guy

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The Last Emperor
Just recently watched this
(may have been a rewatch, since there were a few scenes that really seemed familiar to me. Probably when I was in HS, which would have been about 25 years ago, which would explain why it had slipped my mind)
Anyways, great film!

When Harry Met Sally covers the progression of a relationship over 12 years, checking in regularly like Boyhood.