Bad Boys 2


I'm looking forward to this. IMO these two do a great job as an on screen duo.

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the 1st one was awesum. it shocked me when i found out that they're making a second one.

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yea im also glad, i hope its gonna be a better sequal then MIIB

I think I'm gonna go see this one. Hopefully Michael Bay delivers like he has in the past.

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I'll be missing this one. Martin Lawrence is one of those people that I can't stand.

A novel adaptation.
Originally posted by kevinf_30
Hopefully Michael Bay delivers like he has in the past.
When has he delivered in the past?
Besides crap, I mean, which I'll admit he delivers prolificly and consistently.
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A novel adaptation.
I attribute that only to Quentin Tarantino's uncredited involvement.

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Of all the sequels this summer, this one is #1 on my list. Will and Matrin are phenominal together. This is the 2000's version of 48hrs or Lethal Weapon.
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I was reasonably shocked by the first one, before it I would not have considered either of the leads action hero potential, or leading men for that matter, also Tea Leoni is gorgeous. Both leads had a great chemistry together, compare them with the recent Showtime, 2 fairly big stars, no chemistry.
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Michael Bay is bucking the trend with his action sequel as according to the The Early Report, its confirmed to be clocking in at a final runtime of 150 mintues - over half an hour longer than the first film, and a near quarter hour longer than 'Reloaded' and 'Hulk'.

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dat looks kool.

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There has actually been complaints over the casting in this movie because Martin Lawrence was given priority over Will Smith

ABout 2hrs 30mins of two cops blowing **** up, why wouldnt ppl love this sequel. Personally the 1st one was better. This one just has more explosions, nice car or cars, which makes up for its weak storyline.