How many movies do you watch a day?


On average I watch 3-4 movies a day. Unfortunately, 90% of the time they are movies I've already seen.
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I try to watch one.........but i'm so damn busy...........doing what I don't know......!!!!!!......
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I rarely watch the whole film if Ive seen it too many times, I just skip to my favourite scenes.
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Originally posted by frutkake
I rarely watch the whole film if Ive seen it too many times, I just skip to my favourite scenes.
I always feel like doing that but then I get the irresistable urge to watch the entire film.

I don't watch movies every day, sometimes a couple of weeks will pass before I see any at all. I try to rent two every Sunday, and go to see a movie every payday. Life can be a little hectic.
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I've got a Netflix membership so i try to watch as many movies as i can to take advantage of the monthly $9.95 subscription...

On average, i watched maybe 10 movies a month and that comes down to just $1.00/movie, compared to renting at Blockbuster or Hollywood, sometimes i miss the drop off time so i have to pay the late fees..
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i normally only watch one or two a day, soemtimes none. i once went over a month without watching any ()

I rarely watch a whole movie. Maybe 3 times every week I'll watch scenes from certain movies, but I don't watch many movies. I'll only watch a lot of movies if I'm sick or somethn.

I've watched up to 4 films in one day, or none for days on end.

I spend on average about 15 days a month in jail, so those days it's pretty hard to watch a film. They have one very small black and white t.v; and most of the convicts have a thing for Bing Crosby. Some of the guys can get pretty mean if you try to change a Bing movie.

I have a usual cellmate (Hulio), who likes to act out scenes from Pretty Woman, Crocodile Dundee and Jaws.... so that's pretty interesting. He's quite the thespian.
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Right now, about four since I'm home sick. Otherwise, on average, I would say one.
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I have a pretty solid rate of watching about three new movies a week. Let's hope I can keep it up.
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I normally only have time to watch a couple a week but every once in a while I’ll get in the mood to just chill and watch 5 or 6 in a row when I’m off from work….

Hope you feel better soon Piddzilla…
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When I was in college, I used to watch up to 6 movies a day on the weekends with my movie geek friend/adversary, Dan. but now that I have a job, I'm lucky to squeeze in one a day, possibly two on my day off. Today I watched six: The Lost Boys (who knew vampires would have mullets?), Godzilla's Revenge (I loved/Hated Minya, Godzilla's son. He talks like Barney), Fritz The Cat and it's sequel, The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat (X-Rated and Animated, baby!), Snatch (Guy Ritchie used to rule, until he did that awful Maddonna movie), and just now, XXX. I had the day off and I was BORED!
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During the holidays I can watch anywhere between one and eight per day and during school time I try to watch one a day. It makes it harder when most of your favorite films are all, well, over two and a half hours long...

Unfortunatly, my Collection of DVDs is pretty modest(bout 20 odd) but i usually hire about 9 or 10 movies a week, so roughly 2 a day.i used to have a massive colelction of videos (over 120) but, well, once you go DVD, you dont go back
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I usually try to limit myself so that one day i might afford to move out of home so im usually 5 a week, as for my DVD collection i only own five DVD's but think about it ive only owed a DVD player for about four weeks.

Holidays - 2 per day, sometimes 3 or 4
Schooldays - 1 per day, sometimes 2

2 a day. I try to fit about 2 new ones a week. More if possible.

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maybe 1....but lately none. I watched the Dark Knight Rises a couple days back and Expendables 2. other than that a saw a few movies on TV, nothing spectacular to be honest.