What Jackie Chan movies are worth seeing?


Besides Rush Hour, I don't know of many other titles... maybe rumble in the bronx? whatever that was

I saw two of his movies that I liked that I can't find the names to. In the first movie someone was either robbing or breaking everything in a convenience store owned by a woman and Jackie Chan shows up to beat the bad guy.

The other movie I saw he was climbing on high-rise glass buildings and fighting a dude on the roof, really great action scenes.

please i need the title of these 2 movies

Rumble In The Bronx is ok, good stunt work and relatively workable script...

Police Story is worth a watch simply for the stunt work. There's some right painful stuff and some downright unbelievably dangerous stuff going on in that one.

Drunken Master is good.

Steer clear of Shanghai Noon and the sequels.
Steer clear of The Karate Kid as well.
Rush Hour is ok... Rush Hour 2 and 3 are waste of time.

The first one you described sounds like Rumble in the Bronx. Could you give us a little more info about the second one?

I disagree with Rodent, Shanghai Noon is good, and Shanghai Knights is great, especially if you like light-hearted genre pastiches, but neither is a really great example of his amazing stunt work.

As true Jackie Chan films, I'd check out Police Story 3 (known as Supercop in US) Legend of the Drunken Master (aka Drunken Master 2 - it's not really a sequel though), Project A and Project A 2 (pirates!), Twin Dragons, Dragons Forever, and The (original) Drunken Master.

These others also have a few great moments and are worth seeing: The Young Master, Dragon Lord, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, Police Story 1 & 2, Rumble in the Bronx, Mr. Nice Guy, First Strike (Police Story 4).

Gorgeous may be the worst of his HK films, and Island of Fire is also pretty dull.

City Hunter has a couple laughs including a Street Fighter (video game) parody. There are others that I just don't remember well enough to evaluate, such as Amour of the Gods, Operation Condor, and Miracles, and I'm probably forgetting some others as well.

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Drunken Master 2 and Rumble in the Bronx are must see films, plus I liked Armor of the Gods 1 and 2 (which was renamed Operation Condor in the US), Mr. Nice Guy, and Project A2. All the Police Story ones are great as well, and I actually liked Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights, they were fun, laid back sort of films with some great fight choreography.

Do not under any circumstances watch: Rush Hour 3, The Tuxedo, that one where he had to babysit kids (I disliked it so much I forgot the title), or Gorgeous. Those are just the worst...the worst.
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-Shanghai Noon
-Shanghai Nights
-Rumble in the Bronx
-Who am I( One of his best movies)

The best entertainer for me is Around the World in 80 days.Don't know why it flopped but the movie is absolutely entertaining if you don't take into account too much logic

City Hunter-No logic at all but funny

Snake in Eagles's Shadow-His first hit movie


Mr.Nice Guy-Decent movie

Who am I-Underrated spy thriller

Shanghai Noon and Knight-Great to watch

Around the World in 80 days-My favourite movie of Jackie Chan

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All of them.

Drunken Master I & II is KING!

Drunken Master and the one where he fights Jet Li once. Actually that film sucked, but the fight scene is jaw droppingly amazing. Better than everything from all the Matrix movies combined. I think its on youtube anyway.

Rush Hour is ok... Rush Hour 2 and 3 are waste of time.
Rush hour 3 was absolutely awful.
However Rush Hour 2 wasn't bad. the addition of Ziyi Zhang as villain is awesome and overall the action is much better than in the first movie. She's the younger chick from crouching tiger hidden dragon, so jackie is not the only person doing kung fu this time around. Also there is a great salon fight that is much, much better than the fight they have above the chinese restaurant in the first film. Basically the same jokes are still there, chris tucker can't understand what jackie is saying, etc but hey as far as sequels go I'd say this is great. If you enjoyed the first one, there is no reason not to watch the second. Just steer far clear of the third!

Also I thought that gorgeous had some good fight scenes, although the final one is stretched out to 9 minutes I chopped it down to 4.5 just leaving the fighting parts and it's pretty impressive that way haha

I haven't seen them all, but here are the chan movies that I've given 4/5 stars:
Little big soldier
Operation Condor
Project A
Project A2
Legend of Drunken Master

Operation Condor 2 wasn't a good movie really, but it has a fun chase sequence at the beginning and an entertaining fight sequence at the end (jackie has to fight vs 4 women at the same time haha)

omg,if Drunken Master is what I think it is,then it's definitely a must-see!!!
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I'm a massive Jackie Chan fan, I grew up watching 'Bronx and Rush Hour and was my introduction to the kung fu movie genre. It's through Jackie that I decided to look into Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li. I'm going to go ahead and rate my top 5 Chan movies and the one's O think are must see!!

1. Police Story 2 (I could include the whole saga) 8/10
2. Rush Hour 7.5/10
3. Drunken Master 7/10
4. Police Story 7/10
5. Jackie Chan's Who am I 7/10

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Project A is good.

I'll pile a few more votes onto Police Story, Drunken Master 1 & 2, Supercop, and Project A.