Greatest 60 seconds of acting ever?


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Just as the thread calls it. Name your favorite performance within a performance, in which is somewhere around 60 seconds of film time:

Contenders for me:
-Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness, after he is giving the job at the stockbroker firm and runs out into the street in sheer happiness.
-Denzel Washington in Man on Fire, on the bridge rescuing Pita and proclaiming he's headed to "Blue Bayou"
-Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption on his journey of escape from Shawshank prison

I'll have more later, these are the 3 that stick out to me right now.

Sorry, I'm flooding this thread a little, but we can actually do one better for The Apostle, I think. If forced to pick, about 1:30 to about 2:30:

Good Will Hunting is a fine film, no doubt, but as far as Robert Duvall in The Apostle goes, as far as I'm concerned you could've posted any moment of that performance. It's quite simply one of the greatest performances ever put on film.

I was gonna say that, but didn't want to drag the thread off onto the similar-but-not-quite-the-same question of greatest all-time performances. I dunno if I'd pick Duvall or not, but he'd absolutely be in that conversation, to me.

I've said this before, and it sounds kind of goofy, but something like the fourth time I saw that film, I had a weird epiphany where I realized "oh yeah, that's Robert Duvall. He's pretending." Sounds stupid, I know, but it kind of floored me. He was trying to get that film made for years and ended up producing it himself, I believe, and I'm glad he fought for it for so long, because it's a truly jaw-dropping performance.

Unfortunately, he lost the Best Actor Oscar to Jack Nicholson for As Good As It Gets. If it comes out most other years, he probably wins it in a walk, but he happened to hit another exceptional performance. Still would've chosen him, though.

Yeah, Jack was good but imo Duvall was transcendent. I don't usually pay much attemtion to that who-won-who-lost stuff, though. Duvall's acting speaks for itself.

There is much too much (thank god) to choose from, this is the first thing to come to mind.

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Any 60 out of this:

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I was gonna post a silly response until I remembered this. Barely any words spoken as the great Bob Hoskins accepts his fate in "The Long Good Friday".

Slightly longer than 60 seconds but truly amazing, you can see him go through a whole range of emotions, from initial shock to grim acceptance. I defy anyone to beat this.

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While not the greatest, this is one of two I immediately thought of.

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Allright, a little over 60 seconds, but Paul Scofield in Quiz Show just blows me away he's so good. Realizing what his son has done..... start at about 40 second mark or so....

Under-the-radar Movie Awesomeness.

There's a scene in The Karate Kid (original, not the remake) where Myagi and Daniel are sitting in Myagi's workshop, just after he's saved Daniel from a beating.

Not sure how long the scene is though, probably longer than 60 seconds, so I'm not sure if it qualifies...

... but the whole thing was done in one take and one single screenshot, neither actor misses a beat and the scene has everything from discovery and confusion to emotion and comedy... awesome scene.