How Did You Find This Site?


I am just curious how other posters found

I am a regular poster at -- I joined in October and have over 1100 posts there. They also use vBulletin software, so I went to the Jelsoft Enterprises website and did a search on other posting sites I thought I might like. I found MovieForums was one of them --and the rest is history!

I am a huge sports fan but like everyone else, I also enjoy going to the movies. I may not always post here but I stop by every day to read what you folks write.
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Actually, I was searching for something similar on Google, I think it was, and ran into movie forums...It was my intention originally to start my own movie discussion forum if I didn't find a decent one on the net, but I had luck

I saw the url in Chris's signature in the SitePoint Forum.

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I got here the same way Flywaver did.

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Ah how did I get here? Gather around kiddies and I shall tell you a tale....

Many moons ago, back in July or August I think, I was on a mission to find the directors cut of Mortal Kombat, no luck by the way, but on my journey to find it I came across Movie Forums. And it wasn't by searching, or by someone telling me, it was when I just tried seeing if it was a web site by typing in, and it worked. I even remember my first post. Mortal Kombat the Movie. It turned into just a friendly conversation between me and Chris. I think I even became a moderator that night, at like 1 in the morning.
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yeah, funny how that happened, huh, chris?

i found the big boss man's site by the URL in his signature after reading a post of his in's Very Crappy Movie Forums.

I remember posting there! It's a shame I couldn't use an actual link there - just the text of the URL.

I still post there a bit with the URL afterwards to help promote the site. There arn't more than a handful of movie forums out there - 9 out of 10 are totally inactive for the most part.

Thanks to people like y'all, this is one of the few thriving ones.

I'll try to do my part in terms of trading links, buying advertising time and such sometime in 2001 to try to return the favor to all of you!

Let it also be known that loyal, active (and of course, knowledgable) MovieForums posters are the most likely to receive higher titles, such as official News Editors once we start posting news and reviews.

I was at some other board and someone left a post saying visit my friends movie site. Since I like movies I checked it out. Twt was very nice and here I am.

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LOL...that reminds me of a certain Coppola movie!

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Sitepoint .

i found it first by just typin in the name to see if it was a site, then by lookin on the vb list of forums, then i finally joined after it came out top on a search i did on google.

i was thinkin of startin my own film site as a little side project cos i really need to know more about the web, for my other site.

Been on a lot of movie forums before this one. First, got started on SALON Table Talkers, but some boring intellectual type posters came on & started ruining threads. "To its credit, the uncomfortable feverishness of teenage menustration is captured in CARRIE, thanks to Sissy Spacek's arrested-development Medusa." Whatever.

And then I got on the New York Times, but they have only one general thread there for all movies, and it was taken over by a 55 year old art-house fanatic who can't stand any picture that makes over 4 million dollars.

Now CHUD is interesting. They seem friendly at first, but the message board is really one big exclusively male fraternity, in which movies are only peripheral. Basically, they talk about themselves. A LOT.

This forum, however, seems to strike a happy balance. Knowlegeable posters, an excellent format, and a large number of topics. By the way, I found this site when a thoughtful somebody posted the link on JoBlo. (I've been on JoBlo too, but had a problem with the upper hierarchy of Blo-ness.)
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Looks like you got really lucky!! I love this place because there are heaps of people around my age (so no 55 year olds as far as I know ) and no boring posters. Makes me feel right at home (which is all of course a part of my conspiracy to eventually take over the forum and kick out TWT, but shhhhhh don't tell him)!
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Hadn't heard of JoBlo - I'll have to go check it out. Very glad you like it here, however. I'll try to keep the same feeling that you have now present at all times. We will be upgrading in a short while, though, so you might be surprised by a new design out of the blue one of these days.

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A friend told me about this forum. Now, he's a fan like me of film but we don't get together too often (on account of how far I live) to discuss film so he recommended I join a forum. He mentioned CHUD and this one. I like this one better. Its better organized. And I like the little personal funny touches--even in the instructions like "Disable those Smilie Face Thingies"
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I found this site when, my good friend Pigsnie was cruelly banished from Joblo and cast out into... He emailed about. it.

So there you go.

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I found this site by giving birth to a big ol' baby boy nearly 17 years ago, and, somewhere along the way, letting him pluck on the keyboard of my computer, then watching him eventually go his own way and start his own movie web site.

Oh, that, and he threatened to break my legs, too.