I love you, Unregistered


What a slut. You love the 902 other registered members plus any unregistered person who happens upon this thread. You even love yourself.

What a slut.
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are you a willing potential polygamist sc?

still, it was a brief stomach flip to see my own name next to ILOVEYOU...... ah well, it never lasts........next thing ya know i'll be hearing about how you've said the same thing to everybody else.
on dance seul, on dance seul.....

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Um Bungo! Um Bungo!
*fezzie flips sexy celebrity over hops in then bowls out*

Oh here's 2.50 and a tissue, clean yourself up.

Another high quality post by Fez Wizardo

What is all this about loving me???

I do hope that youknow I am a boy!

omg, cant you just msg me!

First off you are gay SC, and thx to the commish (for the hint) and also sorry. You got me, I am very stupid so dont be proud[size=3]

HavePlant: please try to avoid "double posting." If you have something small to add, please go back and edit your first post to include it. Furthermore, study this thread in great detail...I'm sure you'll realize that SC is not saying what you think he is.

Im Not Gay!!!

Originally posted by HavePlant
Im Not Gay!!!
What in the motherf--k does this have to do with anything?

Love ya too, SC.
**** the Lakers!

SC happens to be a male, so if he was wanting to do anything. I am saying im not gay.
Lets go, I think I hear one of those silent alarms - Big Trouble

Someone new will always come along and it'll keep on going.
It's the joke that doesn't end...

Oh my God, the utter hilarity.

Originally posted by HavePlant
First off you are gay SC, ....... You got me,....... so dont be proud[size=3]
what's this? sexyC is a size three? and a proud one at that?
.............. hmmm, what does this mean?
gotta figure out what you english use for sizes.....

HavePlant.......HavePatience, and you'll figure out what's going on.

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Awww...that's sweet S.C., but I have a girlfriend and I don't think things would work between the three of us, you'll just have to find another dummy to fall for your joke.

BTW, Happy Birthday HavePlant ( )
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