What Is The Last DVD You WATCHED?


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The title says it all really.

Beowulf last night.

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Sleepers and Europa, Europa yesterday.
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I rented "War" with Jet Li, have to say it was a pretty awesome movie, i loved it, especially the twist at the end.
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Just bought The assassination of Jesse James...., and 30 Days of Night.
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Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?

Will your system be alright, when you dream of home tonight?
I am going to repeat the monkey, why make this? we have the Movie Tab..
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Just watched There Will Be Blood
Wow what a masterfull work ... visually stunning with vast sweeping vistas to intense closeups ... and the sound, merging in and out of silence (farout the beginning of the film had no spoken word for such an elongated period) ... and the characters, fleshed and wonderfully tainted. Didn't expect it to end as it did.

Very much a movie to see again ... in fact I am altering my Top 10
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.....doesn't know what to put here!
Might as well reply to my own thread lol
Anyway, i watched three episodes of Father Ted yesterday evening, hilarious, i havn't laughed so hard since i watched those Airplane! movies back in late December-early January!
Father Jack - "FECK OF CUP!!!"

Last movie was in the name of king it was really good movie and clover field. i didn't like it.

The last of the Mohicans.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
Plenty of history in the movie.
An interesting time.
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I watched: my DVD copy attempt of some Disney movie find it's way into coasterville.
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i justed re watched The Departed. Didn't really enjoy it the first time i saw it for some reason, maybe longer than i was thinking plus i could get passed the first 30 minutes of the film without falling asleep but when i got passed t and watched all of it i loved it just like i should of..LOL. i love all his other work but this film and it was killing me, now i can sleep fine knowing that i like that movie to
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Shrek 3! I forgot it came out and would have continued forgetting if I didnt make my yearly visit to Blockbuster
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