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Just finished Season 2.5 and am about to move on to Season 3.

And I think I want to kick Baltar in the balticles. Stupid git.

What an insane way to end a season. I can't imagine how you "regular" watchers handled having to wait for Season 3 to start. How long was the wait between 2.5 and 3?? (For me it'll be about 15 minutes. Bwa-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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The wait between 2.5 and 3 was about 7 months. And damn was it worth it.

You may only been waiting 15 minutes, but we've been cozzy with the characters over and over for years. Sucka!

Still gotta wait til the 21st to see the answer to the new cliffhanger.
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Well, true, but that's still sooner than the wait for the next new "Lost" episode.

In the shoutbox I mentioned that I wondered about why they broke the end of Season 2.5 where they did (after a "One Year Later" sequence that I found a bit jarring). I guess it makes more sense this morning than it did last night, but it was just odd to throw out a few minutes of "One Year Later," with questions swirling in my head (Tyrol married Callie? Starbuck's not on board a ship?) ... just so they could get to the part where the cylons find them again.

Granted, THAT part (the cylons finding them again) is definitely a good cliffhanger for the end of that season, and granted, it does have to come after some sort of period of time (and a year seems about right), but it still seems almost rushed to toss out "here's what X is doing, here's what Y is doing, here's Z is doing ... and now the cylons found 'em."

It was a bit jarring. I didn't have the seven-month wait, of course, so it wasn't TOO annoying, but it felt ... odd when I first watched it last night.

I think we have now seen these models of cylons at the end of Season 2.5:

-- Number Six
-- Sharon/Boomer
-- Lucy Lawless/Reporter/New Zealand-Australia accent
-- Cleancut little guy they threw into the slammer early in Season 1
-- Tough guy cylon they threw out the airlock (the one that messed with Starbuck's head)
-- Dean Stockwell/priest cylon

That means we've seen half the possible models out there.
And now there's at least one hybrid baby. (I wonder if she gets better gas mileage.)

Questions to discuss (because I don't know the answer and would like the answer!):

-- Would a hybrid baby download if it died?

-- I assume the dead infant they showed Helo and Sharon was the *other* woman's baby ... Maya, who adopted Hera. Yes?

-- Still not sure whose side Sharon is on. They play her in such a way that, if she totally turned on the humans and went back to loyalty to the cylons, I'd still believe it! Cool.

-- What's up with Baltar? I mean, c'mon. Everything this man touches turns into a holocaust. Give the man some Lincoln Logs and tell him to leave everyone else alone. And make him bathe and shave. He's really letting himself go.

The rest of my questions spring from watching the first few episodes of Season 3, so I won't post them here.

All I can say is: WOW!

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Small note: When Helo and Sharon's hybrid baby was born, I noticed that Roslin's white board didn't go up one number. Naturally she wouldn't count that baby as among the survivors so she wouldn't add one to the tally. Nice touch, though -- subtle and yet, for those of us noticing such things, it was interesting.

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Dumb question: When they did the "One Year Later" thing I saw that the weather was still blustery, cold, and just plain yucky. (And I think Tigh says people are complaining about the weather.)

So, since they scouted out this planet before they landed and said there were warmer climes near the equator (and harsher at the poles), why did they land in a spot with crappy weather year-round? Surely they could have picked a place with warm weather, especially if they were going to have to build a society from scratch.

Second dumb question: All the buildings that are there now -- built by the cylons? Wow, they build fast, considering ....

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A few tid-bits for ya!

You have seen seven cylons. Don't forget the dude at the baby farm!

Where are you now in the series? Have you watched Exodus parts I and II yet? IMO, Exodus is the best two parter in the whole series, or, it's my favorite anyway...

Just wondering because I don't want to talk about things I shouldn't, yet.
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I've seen Pt 1 of Exodus. I'm RIGHT NOW trying to download Pt 2 from iTunes, but it keeps timing out. It'll say I purchased it already but still have to download it. But when I check for purchased items, it's not there. Errors errors errors, and no download.

Not sure if it's me or them.

Anyway, I've watched Pt 1 this morning and we're awaiting the arrival of Galactica. (I started a Season 3 thread, so we don't have to discuss it in this one -- there are a few noobs behind me in watching the show, so I'm trying to keep discussions limited to each appropriate season.)

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten the African-American guy (actually, I should just say black ... he's a cylon and ain't no way his ancestors were from Africa!) at the baby farm! I had a inkling I'd forgotten someone! Thanks.

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I just finished Season 2. All I can say is, this is exactly the right step in the direction of this series. Barring a few small misgivings I've had over the plot early in Season 2, this show is second-to-none in production quality, forward motion, and fearless writing. And what a phenomenal cast...

Okay, Season 3 now...

Got to the Pegasus storyline, frackin' lovin it. Season 1 didn't really impress me that much but Season 2 definitely worth the hype. Far better than Lost atm.

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Originally Posted by Pyro Tramp
Got to the Pegasus storyline, frackin' lovin it. Season 1 didn't really impress me that much but Season 2 definitely worth the hype. Far better than Lost atm.
Well, "Lost" is doing quite well for me now that it's back. Loved the Desmond stuff this past week.

However, yeah, BSG just keeps it comin', and you have some really great stuff coming up, if you're just around the Pegasus storyline. I envy you the upcoming episodes you still have to look forward to!

Just finished Season 2, i thought Tigh's wife was a cylon? Since when Gaius did the test Number 6 (?) asked why he didn't tell them the truth. Might have got that wrong tho.

Few things that don't sit with me (maybe need to rewatch the pilot) is why the cylons seem to have so much trouble beating the humans, they seem to have every advantage and just their whole agenda seems a bit stupid? In the last episodes where the Preacher cylon appeared from in Old Caprica, seemed to be a massive jump from there straight to BSG.

Still enjoyed the Pegasus storyline most in the season, did hope Starbuck would've completed her mission. Don't get why there were soo many cylons on the Resurrection Ship seemed ridiculous to have that many copies since surely when ones destroyed sending a replacment would be redundant?

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I always thought that the cylons want to be human -- to them, evolving upward would mean becoming closer to human (and overtaking them and evolving *past* them?). But, they get enough things wrong in their development (like, the whole "copy" thing, which ruins a lot of their infiltration plans if they only have 12 different models), that they're having trouble beating the humans.

I think we're always supposed to think that raw passion and fortitude, coupled with human ingenuity, win out over machine-thinking skinjobs. To me, the limited-edition cylon models (more like a car company than a human being modeling experiment!) seem like they're expending way too much energy and resources on trying to work the kinks out of their almost-human systems, and this is perhaps enough of a distraction to make it harder for them to win out over the humans.

As for Gaius not telling them the truth -- I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that was about Boomer/Sharon. We saw him test her and she came back positive for being a cylon, and he deliberately covered that up. I'm fairly certain we did see him test Ellen but that she came back all right. I think I remember this because I too thought she was a cylon and was waiting for confirmation one way or the other, and I remember thinking at one point, "Oh, so she's NOT a cylon?"

Season 3 is a real rollercoaster ride (so far). Enjoy it!

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Season 3 has some truly stunning episodes very early on - here's looking at you, Exodus - but for me the killer eps were Pegasus and both Resurrection Ships. I get goosebumps watching those three.

Again and again.

Glad you liked it.

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Not sure of the episodes you're talking about, OG, by title, but by plotlines I know which ones you mean. And yeah, they were fascinating, really. Changes a lot about how I think about the cylons now that I know what I do about the Resurrection Ships.

Oh, and if that stuff was in Season 3, we should move that discussion to the other thread. I know some folks (Yoda included) are trying to not get spoilers ahead of where they are, which is why I created separate threads for different seasons.

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I finished watching season 2 last night and OMG this series rock's!

Im wondering how the hell all of mankind will get out of this situation with the entyre Cylon army taking over New Caprica? Im cracking on with season 3 tonight with my Brother-in-law who has (Thankfully) got me into this amazing series We are watching about 8 episodes at a time and im lovin it.

Guyas Baltar is hilarious and everthing he does makes go's wrong, I love the scenes where he is getting hit about or getting intimate with No.6 in his head then someone walks in, it is just priceless
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Ohhh, it is SO fun to hear reactions from someone new to the series. I had been hoping to hold off rewatching the whole thing for a few more weeks, but posts like this early in the series make me think I'll end up restarting it as early as this weekend. It IS a great show.... I bet it'd be even more amazing watching it without commercials and without half-year-long delays between seasons.

Keep posting your reactions in these BSG threads here. I'm likin' em.

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Oh and yeah -- I think we all loved the early Gaius Baltar stuff. He is one of those characters who never seems to let you down with his shenanigans. Gosh, I miss the series already, and it hasn't even been a week!

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It is awesome just to sit and watch afew episodes in a row and chat about the series so far with my bro-in-law as he has been a fan since it began for some strange reason I have not seen any of these since a few weeks back when we had nothing to watch one night, so he put on the mini series and I was hooked straight away even my wife has watched afew episodes and she loves it.

As I said we are starting season 3 tonight and I cant wait lol the cliffhanger at the end of season 2 was awesome, I thought the Cylons would be coming back and it would start a massive war again but to land and take over power like that was a twist I didnt see coming

It was the same at the end of Season 1 where Boomer shot Adama that was shock to me also, my bro-in-law watched my reaction and he said it was priceless lmao

I have no idea how they are going to get out of this situation, that Guius made (again) My wifes idea is the witch from bewitched will pop up and do her cross armed nose blinking thing and make the Cylons disappear

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Oh man - You are about to watch Exodus... I consider Exodus Part II to be one of the best episodes of the entire series. It's one of my favorites, anyway. It contains Adama's Seriously Sick Maneuver of Badassery (TM). It's one of the best hours of science fiction I have ever seen.