Away for a short while


Hi MoFos,

I'm going on a short vacation today; just one week long. I'll be flying back on the 12th, and probably back at my desk (and back to normal) on the 13th. Per usual, Cait and Peter have been asked to fire at will at any potential spammers and/or troublemakers. Martial law has been declared!

I kid, I kid. Anyway, see you all again soon! I'll likely check in at least once over the course of the week. Have fun, guys.

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Good riddance to bad rubbish, I says!

Enjoy your vacation, slacker.
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Have a lovely are expected.

Have a great time chris
"A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theater admission and the babysitter were worth it."
- Alfred Hitchcock

yay! Caity and Peter, this on.. hehehe.....nah. Bye Yods, we'll miss ya lots!!!!! See ya when you return!!! Happy vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*shakes big can of red spray paint*
life without movies is like cereal without milk. possible, but disgusting. but not nearly as bad as cereal with water. don't lie. I know you've done it.

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See you soon!
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Hey, if you guys find you really like having him gone, I could just conveniently forget to pick him up at the airport on Monday....

I'm just sayin'.

Female assassin extraordinaire.
yeah, can you do that? and when he calls, tell him you already found your son and you have no idea who it is on the phone so will he stop calling you?

Standing in the Sunlight, Laughing
I could say "it's about freakin' time", but the snow in your avetar seems to say that clearly enough. Way to time your return with the whole "666" thing. Good to see you, Toose.
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You know, I hadn't thought of that but damned if I don't know how to make an entrance!

Good to see you too Sammy! I'm done at the other site so I will can the: