Happy Birthday Ashley!


Happy Birthday Cupcake!

(aka Ophelia's number 2 B&t$h)

Thank you for the head scratches, the listening, the laughs and the lovin.

Have a beautiful day....get in your vroom vroom and leave dust in everyones eye.

(I hope this year is one which lightens the load in your heart and head.)

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Happy Birthday.
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Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!

Hope you enjoy your day!!!!

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Happy Birthday, have a good one

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Happy Birthday Ash!!

Hope you have the awesome day you deserve deary. My birthdays tend to make me reflect on the past year, what i've gained/lost but I hate doing that cause some years aren't as good as others. My advice is to not focus on anything but the great day you're gonna have. Get excited about something; a present, a party or even some yummy cake and just go for it! (joel's formula for fantastic birthday )

Lets see... ashley is an old geezer now so we must celebrate hard..... i drank a 26er of peach schnappes , plus a six pack of Labatts Blue ( that is if they ever decide to deliver it to me!!!!!!*ahem*))))))) So this means everyone else must drink something and be drunk....like ash will be (with her sex-on-the-beach) ahhhhh, i'm tooo drunk to be understandab le....well actuallyu i'm not so drunk anymore cuz the beer delivberyiers aren't here yet...damn slow pocks!!!!!!!!

GO ASHLEY@@@@@@@@


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thank you everyone! i had a nice birthday... my sister and step brother took me out for dinner and drinks and then we went back to my sisters and watched Full Metal Jacket. weeeeeeee. i drank too much though, and passed out not even halfway through it... i was going to post the horrible picture my step brother captured of me in blissful repose but i have decided it is far too hideous.

in any case...

Sammy... thanks for the well wishes... it is always nice to be remembered when you think you are forgotten. i dont usually forget people unless i am protecting myself in some way or another... or i am just plain bored. seriously though, thanks, cause it was noted and appreciated.

nebbs... you are such a gem! i always appreciate your words of kindness, your smiles and your never faltering attitude. thank you!!

Tatty... im sorry for neglecting our PM party! i have no good excuse for it, except i just got lazy. i am sorry! you still wished me a happy day though and you could have snubbed me like i did to the message. ill hit you up and badger you with meaningless questions sometime in the near future... you pepper-and-cigar smelling fogey.

Caity... hey you little shedevil, you don't fool me. you are incredibely inciteful and have always been helpful. i appreciate your open mind and heart for Ash. i hope you've been doing well these past few weeks. i miss my Caity words!

karen... every time i see your posts i imagine this cute little woman, cause thats your energy! thanks though. i know our birthdays are pretty close together.

Sarah... i can always count on you to remember me! you little dear... thanks for accepting my diseased comments and artistic intentioned bacterial mess. no one could have done so as gracefully. thanks...

jrs... so im the newbie and you're the regular but i feel like i have barely seen you due to your absence! thanks.

Blister.... ahhh.... i owe you a PM. or you owe me one. we owe each other a conversation or have you forgotten? thanks...

Destiny... i am so glad you finally put up that freaking movie list. i told you i would fail it miserably, but i guess that means i have a life or something? hardly... but im sure you did so purposefully all to make me feel better. thank you for thinking of me and you called me pretty once, and that stuck with me. i am so conceited. but thanks!

Joel... we PMed once, didn't we? did i neglect you? i am sorry. you always go out of your way to be nice to me and i guess i don't really deserve it. i had a nice day, i didn't focus on anything too much, not too much at all... my mind drifts... gently down the stream of consciousness.

Annie... thanks so much, promise me we'll both try to always hear the other out (and i am sorry i never did that Bette Davis thing... i couldn't take the embarresment... everyone here knows i am a faker movie buff).

Ophelia... thank you for being such a good friend to Ash. for the pick me ups, the glittery envelopes, the laughter so hard all you hear is a voice choking for breath. for challenging my manly balls with a pair of your own. for understanding me so naturally and throwing smiles my way. for putting up with my testy mother and grandmother! ...twenty minutes of dead silence and it is okay, because we are lemon and cherry muffins... poking at me for not being original enough to think up my own goodbye words... im comin' your way, ill take my first ever shot with you, (please don't take advantage!)... and i hope i am allowed to use your blowdryer if i don't find one of those stupid little converter thingys in time. a slap fest, right? how does it go? i think i'd smack you for forcing me to intake black pudding to fill my tummy before Poker. halfway there... halfway there... thank you. (now wheres my present biatch?)

Sorry Ashley. I had no Idea it was your birthday.

Hope it was a good one anyways.

Happy birthday! Hope it's a great one!
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Originally Posted by ash_is_the_gal
Blister.... ahhh.... i owe you a PM. or you owe me one. we owe each other a conversation or have you forgotten? thanks...
I never forget , i've just been really busy lately (and not for the best reasons). I should have more time soon.....so keep an eye on those PM's

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Ah, Ash... I hope you're having a fantastic birthday! And a happy one!!!

ALL IN!!!!!

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Happy Birth day Ash!

How did I miss this thread?!?!
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Yes, that did take some time. heheh One hundred and fifteen of my favorite films owned. Oh, I am sure you have a life, young lady! I have been wanting to get that done, and wasn't about to forget that I said I would. At times, when you are bored, maybe you can check some of those out. Most of those movies are older, say the 70's, and the 80's, so they should rent for rather cheap now, if they are still available for rent. Stephen King was on that list quite a bit.
I remember that, your picture on my-space. Yep, you are a pretty lady, but I am having trouble buying the conceited part. You seem very polite, and welcoming to me.