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Been a while since I've posted, I know, but I've reached an important crossroads in my life, and as always, have decided it'd be best to turn to the solicited advice of complete strangers.
I'm going to be going off to a university in the fall in order to attend film school, with the silly dream of making something of myself. I've been accepted to NYU's Tisch Program, USC's Cinema-Television Production program (Take that, Crit-Studies suckers!), as well as Emerson and RIT's film programs.

Of course, with all those options, I've managed to stare emptily, mouth agape, into that infinite void of the future for a while. USC and NYU are the top contenders, but I've absolutely no idea what to do. Where do I even begin?

So I'm turning to the intra-web for ideas. Hopefully, some of you have attended university, possibly one of those mentioned, and hopefully a few MoFo's have lived in the cities up for consideration.
Any comments at all would be helpful.

And with that, Hello again MoFo.
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Um...I'm just responding to your hello.

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yola, nice to have you back

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Wow..congrats Herod! That's great!

What area of film are you interested in studying? Directing, producing, cinematography, special effects? It might help to choose if one school is stronger than another in a certain area. Have you gone to the campuses to check them out?

i live in new york, but out on long island, but i can highly recommend both to you ...

and good luck to you in any of the unis that you do pick....and good luck with your choices...all sound really interesting...

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I've got a friend who goes to USC right now, I can put you in touch with him if you'd like, but that's about it. :-\

Good luck, man.
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Just remember when renting an apartment in a New York City landlord/super intendent/building manager, there is no such thing as a cockroach…there are only waterbugs.

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Congrats on getting accepted to some really reputable schools, first off.
Second.. off... My advice is to go wherever you think you'll want to stay put. Studying the arts is as much about networking as anything. (I say that having a degree in theater and a ton of friends in the arts.) That old saying "it's not what you know, but who you know" is half true: it's both. So go where you'll build a base of people who know how much you know.
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I go to University, Our kitchen smells like tramps urine and there is a cat that we sometimes find in our downstairs bathroom but we have no idea how he gets in. I do an English degree, so i'm not much help.

But Hello, Congrats and Welcome back.
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A novel adaptation.
I think, because of several factors, including the financial situation, I'm probably headed for New York.
But I think this thread still works as a nice reintroduction.
So... thanks for the comments.
Sweet MoFo.

Congrats. I actually know several people who graduated from NYU (and at least one who went there for film). I think most of them hated it (and the city), but most of my friends are just cranky bastards to begin with so I don't take em too seriously in their complaints. I usually wind up taking the train into N.Y. at least once a month to catch a movie or a concert or something, and there's always plenty to do there, hope you like it.

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