RIP mark f


Can't believe this was already a year ago. Why is everything just a blur now?
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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Somehow I read the headline and got an instant shock as if I just had read it for the first time, until I was reminded again this already happened longer ago. Sometimes a name invokes such familiarity it's hard to comprehend him not being a presence here anymore.

Very sorry to just hear this and for your loss. Mark F name stands out to me from this forum, he quite often thumbs up some of my reviews, small blessing but do we all not like a like.. I never truly know you but appreciated it nonetheless and I reciprocated when I heard and resonated with your words. Restin peace friend in the true and fullest place. We all be there soon. In a blip.. and sorry this got a bit intense I'm dealing with grief myself this year so maybe these words can be of help or.. like tears lost in rain. Bless you Mark F for your generosity and including me.

Today is mark's birthday. I'm sure most of us long-timers still think about him often. He didn't make it to 68, but he'll live forever with us.

Hope you are doing well, sarah.
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Today is mark's birthday. I'm sure most of us long-timers still think about him often.

Hope you are doing well, sarah.
I went to do birthday callouts this morning and saw his name listed. Sure wish our ol' buddy Mark was still around.
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