Western with a long range rifle shot??


Hi, I'm trying to remember the name of a western. The thing is that I can only remember 1 scene. I think the movie is from the 60/70s, colour and in english.
So the scene is, there is this guy riding off into the distance and he has got really far away. As he getting away, a second man stepped off his porch and begins to set up his rifle to take the shot, he takes his time. You think that the horse rider is out of range but the fireman takes aim and fires and takes down the horse rider.
I think that there maybe someone else on the porch and that the scenery is pine covered mountains.
This has been bugging me and now my workmates.

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Thanks but its not quigley, other to rule out are the lawman and Valdez is coming.

The Good the bad and the weird has a scene like this but dosent fit the details you said.
Oh, not this again. This is for people who actually watch movies.