US comedy. Male lead hides in hotel. Retired boxer as bodyguard.


Could somebody help me remember the title of a movie I saw many years ago?
This is all I remember:

- I would say it is from the 50's (but maybe 40's or 60's).
- In color.
- A comedy.
- US made, probably from one of the big studios.
- In the movie the main lead (male) is a sports journalist (?) pretending to have left the city (a big US city) following some sports team around the country and sending his reports. But he has not left the city and is hiding in a hotel because he is afraid somebody (a gangster?) will kill him if he finds him. While he is in hiding he has a bodyguard, a stupid and funny looking retired boxer, who sleeps in the same room as him with his eyes open; this fact gives him the creeps.

Thanks you for your help! (Sorry for my sloppy English. It's not my first language).

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Thank you! You've brighten my day immensely!