Why are list channels so ****ing boring?


I like Cinefix from what I can remember, cause they have much more interesting information about movies. But watchmojo picks lists that so many people would pick and are very routine in my opinion.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

A lot of these things serve primarily to sell advertising. I'll bet their creators have found that Niki Minaj draws a lot of viewers so they come up with all of these lists for her.

I can't deny I've been sucked into them. Once I viewed a list of "surprising things" not known about The Golden Girls TV show. Before it was done, out of curiosity, I switched to the IMDB entry for the show and found all of those "facts" there so you can guess what their research involved.

And the thing about those are they are submitted by anyone and may or may not be true and sometimes contradict each other.