Here Bealey Bealey, Come on Boy...


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Happy Birthday Beale the Rippe!!! Where ever you may be....

Come back soon matey, come back soon.
Pumpkins scream in the DEAD of night!

Happy birthday, Beale!
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Have a good one Beale!

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Sorry I'm late but best wishes..........hope it was a very happy one!!
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Happy Birthday Beale!

Come back soon. You're missed around here.

Happy Birthday Beale

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Thanks guys! I'm sorry I haven't been around in a long time...I've been really busy. I hope to get back to posting soon!
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Happy Belated Birthday Beale!!!!

Hope you had a good one...

I was going to ‘sing’….

Won’t you come home, Beale Rippe, won’t you come home…

So now I'll 'sing'....

Won't you stay home, Beale Rippe, won't you stay home...

We have been missing you…
You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.
~William Blake ~

AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do...
(Walk in Peace)

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Happy B-day Beale, catch any good Anime recently? Watch Perfect Blue yet?
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Happy Bealday, Burf!
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They had temporarily escaped the factories, the warehouses, the slaughterhouses, the car washes - they'd be back in captivity the next day but
now they were out - they were wild with freedom. They weren't thinking about the slavery of poverty. Or the slavery of welfare and food stamps. The rest of us would be all right until the poor learned how to make atom bombs in their basements.

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Originally Posted by Sedai
Watch Perfect Blue yet?
YES!!! It was wonderful, and I've since purchased it. Thanks for telling me about it!

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Originally Posted by Beale the Rippe
YES!!! It was wonderful, and I've since purchased it. Thanks for telling me about it!

Oh yes!!!

I am so glad you liked it, I watced it again recently and had forgotten about all the dream-within-a-dream sequences. Love it!!

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A few days late, but Happy Birthday!
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