The House of Sand and Fog

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hey i just watchd the movie "house of sand and fog" and i was blown away by the care involved by everyone in every scene of the movie.It is brilliantly acted,well directed,but what got me was the cinematography.How did this "NOT" get nominated this year at the oscars???
Every shot looks so nice and well lit and perfect.However the ending wasn't much of a suprise,i dunno why,but just didnt care for that,they are incredibly deep characters but when it came down to it i just didnt care 4 them in the end.I dunno might just need some time to think about it. But n e ways my question is, what did u guys think of it? if u have seen it yet

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Welcome to the forum!!! I'm Beale, the resident mad prophet. Glad to have you on board!

On topic, I LOVE House of Sand and Fog. It was a beautiful character study filled with emotion. Great performances, great direction...

All in all, **** out of ****.

The film did get nominated however (for acting I believe). If you meant for best picture, then your guess is as good as mine. Easily one of the best films of 2003, and one well worthy of any oscar given to it. I, personally, would've nominated it instead of Seabiscuit.

I plan to buy it some time and watch it again.
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yep im a newbie here ,i was wondering if u can have moving avatars on these forums?, cuz i havent seen n e yet on this site.all still pictures.

oo as for the nominations i was talking about cinematography. it should have at least got nominated 4 that also not just acting althought the actin is awsome.i think best cinematography should have went to "last samurai" or this film.what do u think?

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Sorry...I'm not really the best when it comes to avatars...especially the moving kind.

Post a new thread on moving avatars, and I'm sure someone more able than I will come to your aid.

On cinematography, I would have to go whole heartedly with the winner: Master and Commander. It is a great movie (one I hope will be embraced as a classic), and it had a beautiful look about it. I do agree that House probably should've been nominated, though.

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Originally Posted by Nitro_69
yep im a newbie here ,i was wondering if u can have moving avatars on these forums?, cuz i havent seen n e yet on this site.all still pictures.

Yes, you can

On the film: I saw this in the store yesterday and since I , ahem, think Jennifer Connelly is an....interesting actress , I have been tempted to buy it. Since Beale and I tend to have somewhat similar tastes, I may just have to pick her, I mean it, up now.
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I know exactly what you mean.

(I should note that Ben Kingsley owns that movie.)

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My thoughts on the film:

House of Sand and Fog is definately a very great film. This film I just loved and is one of my favorites of last year, both Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley did excellent, excellent performances, and I espescially think this is Jennifer's best performance to date. Her performance was the best of last year for an actress, and I thought she very much deserved a nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. As always, Ben Kingsley is terrific, here in the film, I just absolutely loved him. His character was just fanstastic. The film had great, great direction by Vadim Perelman. Every single scene was just fanstastic, and I agree, it had awesome cinematography. I just loved this film very much.

Connelly is excellent, but i really think Naomi Watts should have got the award this year, not only does she cover up her aussie accent perfectly but she does such a realistic performance in 21 grams that it gave me goose bumps.

What did you guys think of the movie in terms of the message it was delivering?
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This movie had me on the edge of my seat screaming at the screen. It was quite gripping and had me engrossed and up in arms to such a degree that I wrote a hotheaded rant of the actual point of the film, some good while ago. Wow.

The actors? Suberb.
The plot? Gripping and involved.

It is a very moody film, all dark and mysterious. And the themes suggested and hinted at are clear cut, and run deep. I had strong emotions about the film and about what it proposed, and this, I think, is what was intended by the filmmakers, no?

As to the underrunning currents, I think that the movie did an outstanding job of depicting a lose-lose scenario that is COMMON, and does happen to people. I strongly disagree with a lot of the supposed justifications that the film makes for certain behavior, but still, it made its point.
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I thought this was a wonderful film, possibly the best film of the year so far (it wasn't released until 2004 here) along with Monster and, like that film, I found watching it an exhausting and draining experience. As some of you have said, everything about this film is amazing, the acting, direction, writing and everything else is superb. I hope that this film is remember and revered for a very long time.

Absolutely. Penn didn't even give the best performance in that film, I think that Tim Robbins was amazing, probably the best I've ever seen from him. Although to be fair to Penn, Robbins' wasn't nominated in the same category as him.

Still you're right when you say Kingsley was robbed.

Ben Kingsley stole my heart in that film, and let me tell you, THAT is a hard thing to do.

Originally Posted by Prospero
With all due respect to Sean Penn, Ben Kingsley was robbed.
I agree with you wholeheartedly here, 100 percent, even though I think sean penn is a terrific actor and one of my favorite at that.

I saw this movie the other day, I thought it was great, an emotional journey.
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