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I found that Matrix Reloaded was even better then the first now that the Characters are all developped it's now to the task at hand to save Zion.... I enjoyed it except I must say for the ending...
Those To be Concluded Endings piss me off..... I hate waiting for the ending cause now I have to wait another couple of months to go see the last one..
Just like the Lord of the Rings...
Things just start to Fall in Place and then bam you get sucker punched with an abrupt ending...
sucks very much....
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"Resident Evil 2:Apocolypse" Mila Jovavich
"Phone Booth" Colin Ferrel, Keifer Sutherland (2003)
"Pay it Forward" Haley Joel Osmond, Helen Hunt(2000)
"American Wedding" Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan(2003)
"Dogma" Ben Affleck, Matt Damon(1999)
"LOTR" 1,2 & 3 Vigo Mortenison, Elijah Wood (2002-2003)
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you only have to wait a few months for the last installment. Doesn't anyone understand that they did it on purpose. That is the whole reason y the ending was that way. At least we dont have to wait as long as we do for Return of the King. Think positive, not negative.

Return of the King..............mmmmmmmmmmmm need to see that I want to soo bad..... you know I love 2 of the Hobbits Accents in Real life Scottish very awsome... Can't wait
Actually I'm going to see 2 Fast 2 Furious....
Boyfriend wants to go see it....
I'd rather go see The Itailian Job... Maybe tommorrow night

someone who loves movies like The Matrix and Lotr going to see 2Fast 2Furious. How disgraceful! Just kidding. Tell your boyfriend before you go, you know its gonna suck.

Originally posted by catyears
someone who loves movies like The Matrix and Lotr going to see 2Fast 2Furious. How disgraceful! Just kidding. Tell your boyfriend before you go, you know its gonna suck.

You know what I hate to say it but I found it better then the first one.... Mind you Paul Walker is still a big ass wuss and there was basically no reason for making another one it did have it's good and bad points.... I know I am a disgrace to the movie industry haha no but honestly I wouldn't pay to go see it again thats for sure.....

Just want to know what people think of these theories.

-Since Zion is part of the matrix, it means that smith can duplicate himself in Zion right?

- It seems to me that Smith wants to be the ONE. First of all he has no purpose, he's no longer an agent, since Neo 'freed' him so he now wants to take over the matrix which is why all the smiths were in the corridor of doors, just before Neo went to see the architect. Smith wanted to go see the architect, smith wanted to go through the door but he did'nt know which one it was, He needed the Keymaker.

What do you all think of that? Just a theory.
One more thing, not a theory just a complaint, why did'nt Neo destroy all the Smith's by 'breaking their code' like he did to Agent Smith at the end of part 1?
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once Neo saved Smith, he was no longer an agent. he said that maybe he copied something from Neo(some code) when it happened, so maybe Neo cant do that to him anymore. I really dont know, just figured there was a change when Neo saved him and thats prob the reason.

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Smith has become like a virus now it seems, outside of the Architect's control/realm of knowledge. He definitely said that he'd taken some code or something from Neo like Catyears said. And him aspiring to be "The One"/trying to get through the door etc all makes sense. I thought maybe he was being set up as the traditional bad-guy element and Neo's love-saves-the-day (and changes the Architect's predictions) as the good guy element

(well duh!)


I was wondering if his virus status meant he might be acting as a link between matrix and zion-world/reality (I don't reckon Zion etc. is an extended/another matrix. I reckon the old Archi just said that for the matrix to run smoothly it needs some humans to become aware of the matrix, breakout, get caught and start again. Maybe it occupies the more troublesome/talented ones like neo, trinity etc??)

Basically, Smith having slipped into that guys head, and yet still existing in the matrix, is allowing neo to somehow stay connected too and control the drone-things etc via that. Just a thought.


Although here's some more thoughts...feel free to give up on me now if you want...

-Smith taking over that guy brings up mad points about the nature of his mutation - and whether the matrix's representation of his consciousness is similar enough to a human's to let him just slip in there.

-In fact how does the matrix "code"/represent human consciousness? The Architect's [Oracle's?] multiple predictions of neo's reactions on those little screens proved fallible ultimately - even when it narrowed him down to the either-or choice of the doors.

If code and consciousness are becoming parallel/inter-changeable in this films I can see why people think that's silly/prefer the matrix-within-a-matrix thing. But I still reckon the brothers are taking it in that direction.

Ok, ok, I'll stop now.

Any of that make sense?

This movie was way too hyped up! I went into the movie theatre thinking that it could match the quality of the first movie.

I felt that all this movie was about:

a. Who could talk the longest
b. Who could float the longest

That's all the movie was about! Some of the action sequences were cool, but it just got repetitive half way through the movie.

Overall, if you were a fan of the first Matrix, go see this one just to get yourself filled in with the plotline.

but for the guy before him:
your ideas make sense, not sure what to think of Smith just yet and his connection with Neo. there def is one though, Smith said it himself. somehow they are connected and we only have to wait a few months to find out how.

anyway, keep the thoughts coming!

well all we can do now is wonder
I think Zion is another matrix
this is the only way he couldve stopped the sentials at the end
but first time I saw it I think the not only is smith part of Neo but Neo part of smith
What if the ship at the end sent out EMP and since Neo is now part machine mind went into a coma
thats why smith was in a coma also on the table also
but this is unlikely

I now think this
for the matrix to work properly no one has to know about the second matrix (except the oracle and the architect)
So the agents have to go about as normal and try to stop them. AS the Architect said Zion was destroyed 6 times and only the one can rewrite the other matrix and create a new zion in a different spot. Those making the system start over again. Smith was the one who triggered the EMP making the Machine army the ability to get the Zion.
Its all preplanned
but its different now
Neo didnt rewrite the code so now the computers relize you cant control humans. AS he pointed out there are methods of survival but withotu the second matrix the first one will crumble.

one more thing
in the trailer the oracle said you must confront him
then goes to a fight scene in Neo and Smith
so maybe if you destroy the main smith you kill them all

but were gonna have to wait for the next one

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Smith is the one.

So is Neo.

Neo imprinted himself on Smith, making them both the One.

Huge fight for dominance.

The End.
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" - Howard Beale

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Fair play. They're both "The One" so between them they've managed to throw the matrix-runners. Then we get good versus evil, warring in a symbiotic way, ying and yang and all that.

Still, that's the cartoon story-line, what about the analogies behind it? Like smith representing the worst sides of technolgy (mixed with the worst sides of humanity now?) and neo the best sides of humanity making the best use of technology.

They could have some fun with all that- tho it'll probably end in a happy ending of some sort (maybe with arguments that blind faith, holistic-trust, unconditional love etc are as necessary/more positive than logical appraisal of the knowable and perceivable etc etc - thought processes that have brought about science without sense and competitive philosophies with no space for cooperation etc. These things need balancing, and perhaps they're getting a bit skewed in modern times)

I'm not a luddite, but I am wary of the accidental and deliberate god-wanna-be arrogances of some technology creators. Have a look at the Institute of Science in Society if you want to see some big-scale scientist/policy-makers who are worried about the same things (i.e. GM food in this case)

I came out with a garbled sentence in another mail which should have gone something like this: I think a core part of these films is the idea that...We need to seize humankind's best potentials and the best potentials of technology, while being fully aware of both our own and technologies failings. We are in a symbiotic relationship now - almost to the point that we forget about other balanced relationships - like the one's between us and our food, or us and our environment in general.

Ok, enough preaching. The best kung fu move is the defensive one - and the best mind the one that knows when it can't help but attack. Maybe. Ok, lied about stopping the pretension.

Nuff superlatives.

(Still reckon Zion is real world - death of humanity and therefore the power source is what AIs feared i tink. But it could be.)

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Erm, alright. It's only a film.

Not a perfect film by any means. Just a brave film that tries to do lots of things at once.

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Whats up? Welcome to the forum. I'd like to see some more posts out of you Golgot!

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Alright there? Everyone else seems to have disappeared. Not much of a debate at the mo.

What's your slant on the bro's intentions then?

I'm about blabbled-out at the moment. Only seen it once.

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I think they wanted to make a kick-behind action/sci-fi movie. Actually, I think after watching Dark City, they loved the plot, and thought they could make that into a kick-butt action/sci-fi movie by adding all sorts of elements and references from other movies. I think they succeeded.

What other movies do you like?

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I haven't seen Dark City but I heard it's now considered the inferior cousin of things like Matrix and Existenz before it.

I'm just really intrigued by any references to "Maya"/the veil of illusion" in the Matrix etc i.e. buddhist/hindu philosophy that they may have blended in. I've got a feeling they're being exceptionally ambitious behind the glossy shine of their obvious love for retina-wrenching action.

For sure they've taken the action sequence to a new level with the highway scene (I thought the neo vs smith fight was a bit daft -despite loving kung fu sequences as a rule etc). What film references did they make?? You'll have to excuse me, my memory and retention of films is kind of scatty, and altho my friends have made sure i've been spoilt with a wide blend of mind-bending movies, i'm one of those that can never remember the film's name ten minutes later. Even so, no excuse, i didn't spot any parallels/tips-of-the-hat to films i've seen i don't think.

Trying to follow the plot and tutting at people who miss key issues is my normal foible.

Another foible is writing impulsive rants on the Iraq forum, so you may well not deign to dally with me now In fact i daresay you'll be in the fore with some pertinent questioning of my fuzzy logic, if u can be bothered to read it all that is. I promise you it wasn't meant to offend, but more to provoke debate if anything.

Um, if you're still interested: other fave films (whose name's i can remember), would have to be things like:

-Brazil (Terry Gilliam),
-Pi (more deliciously involved pretention) and Requiem for a Dream,
-I'll throw "2001" in to keep the pretention rating up, even tho i don't think i've ever watched it in one sitting, but rather as three little films.
-um, dammit i can never rember the one's i really loved - they just seem to seep in and only rememerge with an occasional ripple across my consciousness when something disturbs them. Dammit.
-Well, Life of Brian, the bare bones presentation of the later 1984 film, all the Phillip K Dick conversions, Wag the Dog, Man Bites Dog, K-9 (only joking), and many others have all nibbled their niches in my noggin. And there's loads more, not to mention the raft of ****e you've got to alight on before you get to the good films (and hell, i love a **** movie too occasionally. You can always convince yourself you're learning how not to do it when you veg in front of one)

Um, I'll let you know if my brain-stem burps up anymore requiems for my fave films