Movie You're Watching Tonight


Simple enough; what film do you plan on seeing tonight, and what are your expectations? I'm watching The Eiger Sanction, and being a Clint fan I'm hoping it'll be good. I might check out Taxi Driver as well, if I have time, which I have veeerrrry high hopes for.
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I'll finish Thor and then I think I'll check out either La Grande Illusion or another episode of Breaking Bad. Depends on what time it is.

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I'm going to finish watching Babel. In the first half of what I've seen, it does darg a bit, but it's very emotionally sincere and the always reliable Brad Pitt is solid.
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"Paul" - Saw it in the theater, but I'm gonna sit down give it another watch:

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Plan to see Fast Five again. Liked it a lot, can't wait for the next one if there will be another sequel.

The Gambler (1974) for 2 big reasons. James Caan is my fav. actor and Scorsese's remaking it.

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Gonna watch American Psycho.