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I was channel surfing last night and saw that "Necessary Roughness" was on TNT. It was kind of a silly movie but it made me think about other sports movies. Ones I liked were "Major League," "The Natural," and "The Longest Yard." What are some of your favorite sports movies???
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I loved The Natural, Remember the Titans, Cutting Edge, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham. I'm sure there are more, but I'm having a blonde moment and can't think of any
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I enjoyed Tin Cup a great deal, as well as the others that have been mentioned. (Necessary Roughness was a horrible movie, but it was filmed in North Texas, so I cut it some slack). Hoosiers is another very good one.

I liked Major League (though it seems funny now to think of the Indians as a bad team), but the sequels somehow make me like the first one less than I used to. I don't know why that is, though.

Eight Men Out is another that I enjoyed.

Whenever Bill Murray and John McNaughton finally get their version of Veeck as in Wreck released, I imagine it will be among my favorites, too (Well, hopefully, anyway).

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Didn't see it.
I like (not necessarily in this order)
  • Field of Dreams
  • A League of Their Own
  • Remember the Titans
  • Happy Gilmore
  • The Waterboy
  • Caddyshack
  • Rocky
  • Raging Bull
  • Rudy
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Happy Gilmore - now THAT is a movie.

My mom hates sports movies - says the suspense is too easy to produce with sports movies. She may be right - "Mystery, Alaska" is the only sports movie that stands on its own - away from the formulaic (sp?) sports flicks. I liked that one.

I like Field of Dreams a lot less than I did the first time I saw it...partially because I now despise Kevin Costner. I really mean that: I can't stand him.

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Caddyshack's a great film.

Teenwolf is sort of a sports movie.

Don't forget Rocky!

I love many . . .

Hard Times
Rocky 1-3
Million Dollar Baby
Raging Bull
The Babe
A League of Their Own
Major League
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
The Natural
The Slugger's Wife
Slap Shot
Heart Like A Wheel
Happy Gilmore
Breaking Away
American Flyers
Brian's Song
The Waterboy ~ I know it is goofy, but it still cracks me up.

I am probably forgetting some. I still need to check out both versions of The Longest Yard, as well.

many of these were already said:
happy gilmore
a lague of their own
fild of dreams
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Hockey - Slap Shot

Baseball - Major League

Football - Remember The Titans

Golf - Tin Cup

Basketball - Blue Chips

thems are my faves
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This Sporting Life (1963, Lindsay Anderson)

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Favorite sport movie would have to be Mean Machine starring Vinny Jones

coach carter. i love the way how sports can influence the life of young kids.

The Cutting Edge with Moira Kelly

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miracle is my favourite hockey movie
tell'em steve-dave!

I love nearly all sports movies, but Field of Dreams is hands down the best sports movie ever made. Tin Cup, Remember the Titans, and Caddyshack are all up there as well.

As some of you may have noticed by my screen name, my favorite sports movie is by far The Natural. So many underlying elements of life represented by a baseball movie...I loved it, and still do.

Green Street Hooligans is a good movie that is, (like diamond said), loosely about sport, haha.

The Replacements was great, also.
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