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Wonderfalls defies the regular television cliches and uniquely hinges itself to a much more intelligent route. While the show in itself is considered a "sitcom," it is but the opposite. It deliberates from a premise that, given to the wrong hands, could've been utterly atrocious. Although, Wonderfalls isn't put in the wrong hands, but rather, in those that make both, the premise, and the actual story progression work to great achievement.

To those not familiar with the show, it follows Jaye Tyler (played by the beautiful Caroline Dhavernas), a 24-year-old Brown University graduate with a philosophy degree, whom in High School was deemed "unemployable." Turns out, Jaye ended up working in a gift shop in Niagara Falls, where not only does she loathes the environment, but has to put up with a "mouth-breathing" high school student barking orders at her (whom, by the way, was chosen as "Assistant Manager" instead of her.) Jaye has a very cynical look on how she leads her life, as she acquires the characteristics of a over-achieving narcissist. The realistic view, though, has no "over-achieving" as a part of her general accomplishments. Jaye is constantly bickered by her often nagging family members: her sister Sharon (Katie Finneran), who's occupation consist of immigration, and who, to no prior knowledge to the family, is a lesbian; her brother Aaron (Lee Pace), whom still lives with his parents although having various degrees and intellectual superiority; and her parents Darrin and Karen (played by the hilarious duo of William Sadler and Diana Scarwid) who never cease to implore more into their daughters' life. Jaye is questioning her sanity and she experiences unexplainable acts of inanimate objects speaking to her and telling her what to do. Of course, this all seems entirely implausible to Jaye as she doesn't realize just how much the consequences are affecting her daily life.

Not only is the show witty, but it is also one of the most superbly written programs I've seen in a long time. It's an absolute pleasure to watch, and not to mention it's absolutely hilarious. Although the show was an absolute gem, it was canceled inexplicably within the first few episodes that aired. However, a joyous note should be mentioned: the complete series is available for sale on DVD.

Any thoughts? Any Wonderfalls fans?

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I saw it a while ago now and quite liked it then. The one thing that did kind of bug me was the bartender guy, I never really liked him or that whole sideshow and was quite pleased when his ex-wife showed up to whisk him away and very disappointed when he didn't flippin' stay away!
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