Movie Forums Top 100 of the 2010s - Preliminary Thread

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I like how Sean Baker gave his own film a 1/5 (it's also the only film he's rated on the site).

But he did give it a like, much like parent still loving their grotesque man-child.

My ballot is pencilled in, adopting a slightly different approach to my normal one for this one .... no idea if I'll end up being happier than usual with the resultant ballot or not.
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terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

I’ll have my list finalized tomorrow or Tuesday before Yoda slips into my DMs.

This is a reminder that you all have three weeks left to submit your ballots. The deadline for this thread is still December 12, 2022.

I hope you all are voting for OJ Made in America.

Also my top two are having a bit of a battle for top spot. Usually this wouldn't be a thing. I'm guessing since they're both relatively new my brain hasn't officially settled on one or the other. Exciting!
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I just sent my ballot. I'm sure I forgot something, but that's better than forgetting to vote
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If you forget a movie, you forgot one thing.

If you don't submit a ballot, you effectively forgot 25 things.

I assembled a rough draft of my ballot earlier today. Still feel like I'm missing something, but I'll take a closer look through my IMDb/Letterboxd ratings another day.

Waiting to see if two dvds I've ordered turn up in time, reliable but very slow seller so it'll be in the balance .... if they arrive in time to be watched before the deadline I shall do so and if not then my ballot will be incoming in the final day or two.

Submitted. At the last minute I remembered 13 Assassins and Mission Impossible 4. But no spoilers on whether or not they actually made it on my list.

My list has:
4 foreign-language,
5 or 6 horror 3 of which are also comedies,
2 superhero,
2 animated,
10 action,
and that's not counting all the vague drama/thriller/not really genre movies.