Project X - Chan and Cena Team-Up


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Originally set to be called Ex-Baghdad and to have had Jackie Chan team-up with Sylvester Stallone, I had gotten word this past October that Stallone had dropped out of the film. I got the word from the film's director, Scott Waugh, during an interview I conducted for another film he did.

The project is finally back on under the new title Project X and Chan is still in it, but this time, Stallone has been replaced by John Cena.

From Dark Horizons:
The movie centers on a Chinese private security contractor (Chan) who is called in to extract the oil workers when a China-run oil refinery in the Middle East is attacked.

When he learns that the attackers’ real plan is to steal a fortune in oil, he teams up with an American former Marine (Cena) to stop them.
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