Ted Lasso


Watched ep 3 and fortunately, I don't think I messed up my comprehension of the show by watching ep 4 first. Loved everything that happened with Sam. Glad to learn that he's more than a pretty face and actually has a social conscience and loved that the entire staff and team of Richmond had his back. Jamie seems sincere about making amends with his teammates but he clearly has no idea how to do it. I'm thinking that talking to Dr. Debbie Downer will help. Rebecca's relationship with her goddaughter allowed us another peek into the vulnerability of this character, who I am growing to love more with each episode. The introduction of Led Tasso was kind of odd and even when I realized why he did it, I'm not sure it was necessary. Roy is going to be the star of that sports show before the season is over and I'm loving watching Ted handle the art of the press conference. Love this silly show.

Just finished ep 5 and it's official...Roy Kent is my favorite character on this show. This guy is so raw and funny and completely unpredictable. Loved his handling of Isaac and I have to admit that I will miss him on that TV show Soccer Saturday. Nate looked a little intimidated when Roy arrived on the sidelines and he should be. Speaking of Nate, he is behind my one minor problem with this show: Am I the only one who has trouble hearing and understanding him? I have to put closed captioning on when I watch this show because, otherwise, I would miss most of what Nate says. Really enjoyed that scene where Higgins was gushing to Rebecca about his wife because it seemed like this was the first time since he began working for Richmond that anyone has ever asked him about his personal life. We're getting a lot of change and growth from several characters and it's all because of Ted...he has a magical effect on these people that I'm not sure he's even aware of. Loved when he was paraphrasing all of those famous movie quotes to Ted and I couldn't believe we actual got the second reference to Sex and the City on this show. Seriously loving this show.

Everything that happened between Roy and Jamie was the highlight of ep 6 of season 2. I'm very pleased with Jamie's sincerity about becoming more of a team player and I love the irony of his being a team player being the exact thing the team doesn't need right now. Introducing Rebecca's new boy toy and her mother in the same episode seemed to bit of an overload. That whole thing with Higgins and Coach was a bit odd too. It just seemed so out of character for Higgins to be poking his nose in someone else's business and the fact that it seemed to work out was a little convenient. I knew eventually Ted was going to explode...he's been sitting on too much stuff for too long and am looking forward to hearing what he has to say Dr Debbie Downer. Seriously loving this show.

Just finished ep 7 and loved the reveal that Sam is the one that Rebecca has been texting with on the dating app. The ironic thing is they would be perfect for each other, but Rebecca won't be able to handle it. I'm glad that Roy and Keeley worked things out, though I never really bought that needy, clingy thing Roy was doing because it was completely out of character for him. Ted and Debbie Downer are starting to piss me off because it's becoming obvious that Ted is going to begin therapy but we are not going to be privy to any of it. I'm also glad that Nate got taken down a couple of pegs in this ep because all the attention he's been getting on social media has gone to his head and I'm starting not to like him.

Just learned that my new favorite binge has been nominated for 20 Emmys on Sunday, including four nominees in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. Impressive.

Ep 8 was freaking fantastic! The writers seem to want to give a vulnerable side to Dr Debbie Downer in order to make us like her, but I'm not feeling it. Maybe I'll feel it a little more if Ted actually talks to her regarding his big reveal. LOVED everything that happened with Sam and Rebecca...Rebecca's initially reaction to what was going on was exactly what I expected, but I'm glad Sam is not giving up, even though Rebecca is going to be fighting it tooth and nail. The Diamond Dogs confession circle was brilliantly written and performed. I was expecting the loss at Wembley, but I wish it hadn't been a blowout. I would have preferred to see them lose in the final seconds. The scene with Jamie and his father was incredible...loved the actor who played Mr. Tartt and Roy hugging Jamie was something I wouldn't have seen coming in a million years. speaking of Roy, I couldn't believe that he was actually shocked that Phoebe might be swearing because of him, or was he just pretending to be shocked that's what I love about Brett Goldstein as Roy...you're never sure where his head is at and that's what makes the character so fascinating. Would love to see Goldstein win an Emmy on Sunday. Seriously loving this show.