Asian movie scene, hairy swordsman arrives at mountain inn


I saw this movie scene on tv in 2014, or possibly 2015, and I knew the title at the time, but quickly forgot it, and its been driving me crazy ever since. Please, I hope someone recognizes this! Here's what I remember:

A swordsman on horseback arrives at an inn located on a mountain road. He is wearing a white(?) fur-lined outfit with ugg-like boots. He looks overgrown -- his hair and beard are really long, and he looks like he's been traveling or just alone for a long time. Once he's at the inn, he takes a bath and grooms himself, trimming his beard -- his hair stayed long because of the time period the movie is taking place in (probably the past, my guess is pre-Qing dynasty). But he trims his beard. Before this, it was like you couldn't even really see his face almost, but now you can.

While staying at the inn, he hangs out outside and speaks to an older man who works at the inn. When the older man sees his sword, he has a reaction to it as if it tells him something about the swordsman, but he doesn't say anything , so I don't know what it meant. The swordsman tells the old man than he wants to either sell or retire his horse -- he either said, or I thought he meant, that the horse has served him well and deserves to have an easier life now. The swordsman might also ask the man where he can have his sword serviced -- but I'm not sure if this happened in this movie or another movie, though.

In the meantime, two guys have trailed the swordsman to the inn, but are hanging back discussing what they're going to do. They were dressed like they were poor, and they seemed like they were either hired to follow the swordsman or they were somehow hoping to gain some kind of advantage from following or finding this guy. It looked like they were supposed to be comical characters.

Also, we see that a young woman with a very small son (about 3 years old maybe), along with an older woman, run the inn. The young woman seems to be in charge. It's talked about how her husband has been away for a long time -- I'm not sure if they expected him to come back or not. They wore fur-lined outfits too, at least outside. At one point, we see that the son is following the swordsman around or just hanging out with him.

All the outdoor scenes looked like they were really shot outdoors. The inn was in the mountains in the middle of nowhere but with a beautiful view, and it was cold, but I don't remember if there was snow on the ground or not. The film looked "modern" to me -- it didn't look like an old film. The pace was a bit slow, but not boring. The part I saw was about half an hour into the movie and lasted about ten to twenty minutes.

I saw this on broadcast tv in the NY metro area in July of approximately 2014 on a Saturday night. I don't think it was on a major station, but maybe on channel 9 or 11 (I think 11 was called WB at the time, and I forget what 9 was). At that time, there used to be several offbeat stations, like Retro TV, Bounce, and also a few others. I think this movie was on either one of those or on 9 or 11 , or possibly even pbs, or this Chinese-American station that I used to get over the air -- but I really dont think it was the Chinese-American station because they only seemed to show tv dramas. Also, I looked up the tv schedule online at the time to see what it was, and I think it was made in the 2000s or even 2010s -- but I'm not sure about that. Also, I dont remember any of the actors, or if I recognized them at the time or not.

I thought it was a martial arts or action movie, but I didn't see any actual fight scenes, so im not sure. Also, I think it was a Chinese or Hong Kong movie with subtitles, but again I'm not sure.

If anyone recognizes this, I'd be super happy! The search for this film has been going on for years now and I've had no luck finding it. Thanks!!

The Lone Wolf and Cub samurai movies have a young son, but itís not the son of the innkeeper.

No, definitely not, I've seen all those and can say for sure. Thanks, though!

I don't think so. The detailed plot description that I read didn't mention anything of what I remember, and it seems to take place mostly in the American west, so I don't think this is it, unfortunately. Thanks, though!

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I don't think so. The detailed plot description that I read didn't mention anything of what I remember, and it seems to take place mostly in the American west, so I don't think this is it, unfortunately. Thanks, though!
oh okay no problem

Still looking. As I mentioned, this might not be a martial arts film, or even an action film -- it could have been a drama. Also, the part I saw was just one part of the film -- I don't know if the whole movie was about the swordsman or not.