Romance Vrs Bromance


What do you prefer to watch? Romance to me always has the chick flick stigma to it. "You've got Mail" is a good movie but as a red blooded male who likes senseless violence and minimal plot I always feel dirty even watching it on free to air tv, I don't even emotionally engage with the plot.

I don't have that problem with any "bro" movies like Gridiron gang or war movies where the whole time you are focused on one troop trying to survive together....

Hey, I'll admit that there are some full on chick flicks that I have actually enjoyed. There aren't many of them, but there are a few. I definitely prefer seeing action movies and I actually like a few of the Bro-mance movies like I love you, Man. Hilarious and pretty engaging story.


I'm definitely into romance movies I can't think of too many bromance.

I'm talking anything from Pretty in Pink to Before Sunset I'm down with. Anything Hanks, anything 80s especially and I mean almost ANYTHING. Some Kind of Wonderful all day over a bromance.

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Films have always had romance, ever since silent days. Even the Douglas Fairbanks flicks jam-packed with action had romance. I don't understand the so-called "Chick flick stigma". Is it just supposed to be for movies of the last 20 years? Many people talk about how they like John Hughes romantic films. Are those not chick flicks? Heck, I even read here recently that all romantic comedies are chick flicks! I hate to tell you this but none of Lubitsch's or Preston Sturges' or Billy Wilder's films are chick flicks.

Bromances are all well and good whether it's The Dirty Dozen, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or The Hangover, but I don't understand the segregation of movies for a true film buff. If you don't like certain kinds of films, that's your right but you have to admit that you are not a film buff. I realize this probably matters very little to some people. Shut up, mark!
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I guess it applied to anything schmaltzy, stuff that was clearly intended to be emotionally manipulative, cuz wimmin be likin excuses to cry and menfolk don't.

I actually like a few of the Bro-mance movies like I love you, Man. Hilarious and pretty engaging story.
I was going to mention this. I Love You, Man is great. I typically like bromance movies.

I'll admit liking a few romance flicks too. I understand the dirty feeling though lol.

That's why you watch them in private. If someone walks in and asks what's up just jump to "It's porn, I swear!"

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I like whatever's good basically

The Holiday and Bridget Jones' Diary are particular favourites as Romance movies go, and I'm also fond of The Kind's Speech and Superbad for Bromance's.
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Modern bromance movies are annoying to me, a couple of young married guys aching to be 15 again and escape from their young wives together. Invariably they end up in Vegas, at a bar schlogging beers, smoking pot, or at the stock bromance location: the batting cage.

I prefer old school, like Bronson and Robards in Once Upon a Time in the West (see avatar, lol), or Redford/Newman, etc.
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They're relevant if you read them in order

I actually kind of think that Anchorman is a bromance film. Which makes it my favorite.

And I have three favorite romance films: Natural Born Killers, Moulin Rouge, and Eternal Sunshine.

This didn't even register as a romance movie to me. I like this one too (and, to add a little shame, I enjoyed a Walk to Remember when I first watched it).

I prefer romance. Makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

This didn't even register as a romance movie to me. I like this one too (and, to add a little shame, I enjoy a Walk to Remember when I first watched it).
How come it didn't come off as a romance to you?

I had a feeling that post would be misunderstood. I should have worded it differently.

I mean when I read this thread. I love Eternal Sunshine, but it didn't pop out at me. Obviously, it's romance.