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Well the first Rommney vs Obama debate will be underway in less than forty minutes. Sadly both men will probably play it safe tonigh, but we will see.

Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

All that's going on so far is both of thems saying the other guy is making up stats.

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So far, they're both just attacking one another. Standard debate procedure, but I feel that they're both not really saying much aside from that. I did catch Romney slip in his arguments a few times though, as well as Obama on a few things. But so far, I don't think Romney's making clear enough points and retorts against Obama's policies, in my opinion.

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Man i wish there were more choices up there. A Ralph Nader type from the real left and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party for instance.

Apparently competition is only awesome in the private sector,
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Someone on reddit commented that Romney's face reminded them of this.
It sort of does. I am not liking this little fake smirk he keeps giving while Obama speaks.

Yeah, Romney was quicker to the punch, I don't think Obama did all that bad though. I don't see Obama lossing too much ground unless he repeats this same, obviously less agile and less enthused style of debating in the next two debates. We will see what all the fact checkers say about the mentioned stats and other debate jargon and specifics?

As far as I can tell, it went like this:

Romney: "I have a plan but I can't tell you exactly what it is. Obama's plan sucks, though."

Obama: "My plan does kinda suck, but at least I'm pretty clear on what it is. You make vague hints about your plan, which sounds like it'll suck worse than mine."

Romney: "My plan won't suck. We KNOW your plan sucks."

Obama: "It's still a plan. If you were as clear about what your plan is as I am, we'd all know it sucks worse than mine."

Romney: "You don't know that. My plan could be awesome. I've made some tantalizing hints that I'm somehow gonna fix everything and keep everybody happy."

Obama: "Sounds legit."

Romney: "It totally is. You'll see."

Obama: "I hope not. I was being sarcastic. The American people are hurting. My plan is to ease their suffering. Your plan, whatever it is, will probably only benefit a few."

Romney: "Cool story. Your plan still sucks."

Obama: "No, you."
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Pretty boring. Romney finally tried tenatively to cut his imbelical cord to the far right and came across a little more human, but he promiised the moon and said nothing specific. Obama was okay, but looked like he just woke up from a nap. The loser was the clown moderator who let those two run ragged over the format.
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Final impression both candidates were being passive aggressive a**holes. Kinda boring and Rommney had no specifies. The guy running this had no control. I any imagine this changing someone's vote. What's to look out for is the VP debate.


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Romney running in circles not being clear.

Obama not seeming to care.

At least that's how saw it.
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